Editor’s Note:  Welcome to the fourth edition of Weekly Brunch Edition!  Here the weekend is upon us, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you get to sleep in!  As we have been crazy busy with our work weeks, we are celebrating the weekend!  We crack open some eggs, fry up some steak, and enjoy some brunch.  But wait, we missed out some music news and you might be wanting some new music to check out!  Well, Madness To Creation is your hookup, holler if you hear us!  #SorryScottSteiner It is broken down into the following categories:

  1.  Meat & Taters:  This is where the heavy hitters come in to play.  The main course if you will.  Chances are you’ve heard of this group.
  2.  Light & Fluffy:  This is where a band/artist might come off on the lighter side of music.  Where you might have a potato pancake with the glass of OJ.
  3.  Libations:  Because you can’t wait til lunch or supper so these bands/artists get you in the mood to tailgate and party over brunch.
  4.  On The Side:  These bands/artists are brand new and you might put a little on the saucer to give it a try before diving into the meat & taters!

Here is what is on this Weekend’s Brunch Menu:

Meat & Taters:

Last week, Anthony Green of Circa Survive and Bert McCracken of The Used performed their cover of “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana in honor of Kurt Cobain’s 25th Anniversary of his tragic death.  Fans can check out the video here.  Scarlett O’Hara is making their comeback and announced a tour with special guests Across The White Water Tower and Revision, Revised.  The tour kicks off on April 18th in Corpus Christi, Texas and goes through the East Coast and Midwest before wrapping up in San Antonio, Texas on May 11th.  Power metal giants Gloryhammer released their music video entitled “Gloryhammer”.  The album entitled “Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex” will be released May 31st via Napalm Records.  Fans can check out the video here.  Baroness releases music video for “Seasons” for upcoming release “Gold & Grey”.  Check out the video here.  My Brightest Diamond has released their single entitled “Dorian”.  They will be touring with Death Cab For Cutie coming up!  Skynd has released their music video for “Jim Jones”.  The song talks about the infamous cult leader who poisoned a bunch of his followers in Guyana.

Light & Fluffy:  Indie-Rock outfit Figure Eight has premiered their single for “True Love” via Atwood Magazine.  Fans can check out the premiere here and “Any Given Flower” will be released on May 24th. Cleveland’s Coldswell have released their single entitled “Fairweather” for June 21st release entitled “Void Calls”.   California’s Late Night Revival released their single entitled “Xo” via Substream Magazine.  Fans can check out the premiere here.  Leela James & The Truth Band has released their rock & blues EP entitled “Are You Ready” yesterday.  Check out the video for “That Woman” here.  Surprises, which is the solo project of Brooks Paschal of Sullivan, has premiered his music video for “Natural Disaster” via Substream Magazine.  Fans can check out the premiere here and “Natural Disaster” EP will be released on May 31st via Spartan Records. Philadelphia’s Saver has announced the release of their latest record entitled “The First Step In Leaving” to be due out on May 9th.  They have released their video for “Would’ve Killed You”, which you can check out here.

Libations:  Joyous Wolf have released the singles for “Place In Time” and “Quiet Heart” for upcoming EP release “Place In Time”.  The band will be providing support for Buckcherry this summer.  Montreal classic rock band Hoozbah released their single entitled “Kneel To The Power”.  Fans have compared their influences to the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones mixed with Pink Floyd.  Hardcore band Panicwolf released their music video for “Bury Me”.  Fans can check out the video here.  Substream Magazine premieres the single for “Don’t Call Me On A Saturday” by Zr. King.  Fans can check out the single here and “Musically & Morally Bankrupt” is slated for release on May 17th.  Punk band Spanish Love Songs has signed to Pure Noise Records and released their single entitled “Losers”.  Their EP is due out April 26th and they will be performing in Belgium on that night.  Minnesota’s Gabriel and The Apocalypse have released their album entitled “Alpha Bionic” via Pavement Entertainment.  Fans can check out the video for “Systematic Chaos” here.  Trash Boat releases their music video entitled “Controlled Burn”.  Their tour providing support for Movements, Drug Church, and Boston Manor starts next week kicking off in Fresno, California on April 17th.  Dark synth outfit Thrillsville has released the music video for “Second Sleep”.  Fans can check out the video here.

On The Side:  Suldusk have revealed their live acoustic performance video for “Three Rivers”.  The video was filmed at Bakehouse Studios in Melbourne, Australia and fans can check out the video here.  Valence have released their album entitled “Cognitive Dissidents”, which includes the single “Dammit, Lana!”.  Check out the video here.  On May 24th, they will be performing their album release party at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, New York.  California’s Lost Puppy has released their video for “Satellite’s Way”.  Fans can check out the video here.  Heavy As Texas which features Kyle Thomas and Marzi Montazeri of Exhorder, released their single “Blind” for April 19th self-titled release via Crunchy Western Records.  Fans can check out the premiere via Decibel Magazine here.  Iowa’s Druids have released their single for “Mirrors of Trigon” for upcoming release “Monument”, which will be released on April 19th.  The band will be celebrating the release with a weekend of shows in Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas.  Indiana indie-rock outfit Small Words EP entitled “Good Day, Bad Me” is out now via Bandcamp.  Fans can check out the lyric video to “Girlfriend” here.  Canada’s Red Cain have released their lyric video entitled “All Is Violence” via MetalMasterKingdom.  Fans can check out the lyric video here and they will be performing at the Hyperspace Metal Festival in Vancouver, Canada on April 27th.   Canada’s Tessitura released their drum playthrough video for “Wounds of the Righteous” via GearGods.  Fans can check out the drum playthrough video here and they are slated to play this summer’s Armstrong Metal Fest and Loud As Hell Festival, which are both in Canada this summer.  Arizona’s At My Mercy has released their single for “Passion” via Substream Magazine.  The band will be releasing “Balance/Symmetry” on May 25th and will be providing support for Famous Last Words and Dayshell starting on May 10th in Covington, Kentucky before wrapping up on June 1st in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Fans can check out the premiere here.  Canada’s Sludgehammer has released their heavy metal album entitled “Antechamber”.  They have a gig in Hamilton, Ontario tonight.

Fans can check out the playlist here.

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