Paul Stanley—the chart-topping singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the iconic rock band KISS—joins Dan Rather for an all-new episode of The Big Interview, airing Tuesday, April 23 at 8pE/5pP.

In this exclusive preview, Stanley discusses what drew him to stardom, and the perspective that fame has given him for his own life. “I pursued fame as a way to compensate for a lot of insecurities,” Stanley explains. “I had what’s called a microtia, which is basically not having an ear… I wasn’t very socially adept, and when you have something physical that sets you apart from people, it makes you the target of unrelenting scrutiny and sometimes ridicule.”

Though he would ultimately go on to become a driving force behind one of the biggest and most influential bands of all time, he was able to stay grounded by learning an invaluable lesson which he has used to achieve a personal success that resonates far beyond the stage. He continues, “I was fortunate to have success come to me and realize that it didn’t change anything… I decided that I would spend my life or my time on self-exploration and trying to make myself a better person… I was blessed to be a part of an idea to become the band we never saw, and that led me on a course that I’m still on today. Where it’s taking me, God only knows.” Watch it here.

Also during the conversation, Stanley delves into the origins of KISS and preparations for the band’s monumental End Of The Road Tour; gets personal about his childhood growing up in what he describes as “a buffet of dysfunctionality”; talks about the impact of music on his life and the importance of the Arts; and reflects on his brotherhood with fellow KISS founder Gene Simmons, taking the stage as the Phantom Of The Opera and the connection he has with the character, and the strong work ethic and determination that has fueled his unparalleled career in music.

Stanley is releasing his second book on April 30 titled “Backstage Pass” via HarperCollins. His first book, 2014’s “Face the Music,” was a New York Times best seller.

The Big Interview airs every Tuesday at 8pE/5pP, only on AXS TV.

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