Editor’s Note:  It could be the year of ZFG in 2019!  There have been seemingly countless rave reviews on the funk rock band out of Los Angeles and Madness To Creation had to jump on the bandwagon and have a quick conversation with Trev Lukather of ZFG.  ZFG is set to embark on a nationwide tour providing direct support for Adelitas Way before supporting The Winery Dogs for several gigs.  Fans can find ZFG at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:  You’re going on tour with Adelitas Way, what can fans expect from a ZFG performance and what is your craziest moment live?

Trev:  A ton of fun energy. We love playing live and connecting to people who want to escape the everyday BS and just let go. That’s what we do. It will be a hang!

Madness To Creation:  Tell me about a time when you actually had to give a fuck about something!

Trev:  We give a lot of fucks outside of our feelings towards being boxed in musically. 

Madness To Creation:  Take us into the lyric video for “Special”, what makes this band and song “special”, how does ZFG stand out from the pack?

Trev:  I feel us as a band, really bring our many outside, separate influences into a tasty gumbo of sound. The way I’d approach melodies and phrasing to the music we are doing is completely different from what Jules brings. His approach is very Soul, R&B, Funk etc. Sam is a very soulful, funk bassist so it really blends with Jules. Josh brings in his rock influences as a drummer but he also brings the gospel chop influenced grooves. When you add in my guitar riffs, it creates something fresh. That’s where we separate ourselves from the pack. We are more than just a rock band. 

Madness To Creation:  Favorite and least favorite thing about Los Angeles.

Trev:   I love LA. Born and raised. Least favorite thing tho is Traffic. I keep seeing apartment buildings being built on top of apartment buildings. Soon enough you won’t be able to drive without 24/7 traffic. We gotta get those flying cars or Elon Musk underground roads going stat! 

Madness To Creation:  Three of your biggest quirks/idiosyncrasies that you have.

Trev:  I’m really into creating and/or making pun jokes. It’s a strong habit. 

Madness To Creation:  One thing you excel at musically and one thing you feel you need to work on.

Trev:   I need to work on Theory. I’m a self taught player which is where I excel. I play by ear. I developed my own approach to my voicing, hear the solos I wanna execute and I’m able to. But I wish I did know more about theory. It would open a lot more doors for me musically. I’m gonna have to dive into it at some point.

Madness To Creation:  Going on the road with The Winery Dogs, what do you feel you will learn from them live?

Trev:  A lot. They’ll blow our minds every night and we’ll be observing gratefully. 

Madness To Creation:  Plans for ZFG for this summer.

Trev:  Tour, Recording, Tour , Recording, Tour. Just gonna keep creating and playing for those that will listen. 

And there you have it!  Check out the following gig dates providing direct support for Adelitas Way and Blacklite District:

Wed. 4/24- Muddy Creek Saloon in Heath, Ohio

Sun. 4/28- Buffalo Iron Works in Buffalo, New York

Thu. 5/2- The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan

Sat. 5/4- The Forge in Joliet, Illinois

Sun. 5/5- Majestic Madison in Madison, Wisconsin

Tue. 5/7- RocHaus in West Dundee, Illinois

Wed. 5/8- Every Buddy’s Bar & Grill in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Thu. 5/9- Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sat. 5/11- Marquis Theatre in Denver, Colorado

Sun. 5/12- The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, Colorado

For tickets and further information, click here.

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