This Friday, The Story Changes completes a new chapter in their career with the album “To Hell With This Particular Equation” via Magnaphone Records.  This record will certainly capture imaginations with its nostalgic 2000s flair with songwriting that speaks to a generation.

The Story Changes is composed of Mark McMillon and Christopher Popadak(Hawthorne Heights), along with Chris Serafini(The Stereo).  They have tapped esteemed producer Jamie Woolford(Gin Blossoms, The Smoking Popes, and Punchline) to provide that straw to stir the drink.

This record reminds me of old friends getting together to talk about the news of the day, along with reminiscing about the days that were grand in the city of Dayton.  They talk about times when they lost their innocence in tracks such as “Justice” and how they regret life getting away from them in “Pass You By”.  The songs bring back that nostalgic flair where the bottom of pants legs were slightly rolled up, fake glasses adorned, and t-shirts that were two sizes two small were worn to show off their dad-bods.

Along with the nostalgia, there is a sense of liberation in the record.  I cannot explain how I feel it, but you can feel the vibes and the energy that The Story Changes possesses with each lyric sung and each note played throughout the album.  That liberation is felt in the track “Shooting Stars”, as the rhythm section shines in such a way where I envision the crowd immediately moving in anticipation that something big was going to happen in the song, and when the chorus kicks in, it makes you let out a Ric Flair “WOOOO”, and suddenly you’re taking off your sports coat, strutting like your shit don’t stink, and you elbowdrop said sports coat.  Wait, that didn’t happen to you?  Well, okay then.

The Story Changes makes you want to scream your hatred for mathematics as you rock out to the album “To Hell With This Particular Equation”.  It will make you rage just as hard as you not understanding the Pythagorean Theorem after the third time the teacher explained it to you.  Screw mathematics, rock out with me as you WILL pick up this album this Friday!  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Crying Wolf
  2.  Shooting Stars
  3.  Justice
  4.  Golden Age
  5.  Shake
  6.  Bend and Break
  7.  Where to Start
  8.  Pass You Buy
  9.  Forever Above
  10.  Monsters
  11.  First Cut
  12.  Cleveland

Check out THE STORY CHANGES at the following gig dates:

Fri. 4/26- Omega Music in Dayton, Ohio

Fri. 5/10- Craft & Vinyl in Columbus, Ohio

Sat. 5/11- Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton, Ohio

Fans can find THE STORY CHANGES at the following locations:

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