Tomorrow, alternative rockers Stickup Kid releases their first album in six years with their release of “Soul Drive”.  Their fans that have waited six years for a new album will state that it was well worth the wait for the band out of San Jose, California.

Ever since the band was signed to Billie Joe Armstrong(Green Day)’s label Adeline Records, the band seemed to have gone through some soul searching, some growing up to do, and took that time to create an album that is a subtle departure from their previous upbeat material to write a more introspective album.

The album consists of mature arrangements and lyrical content that revisits some painful events that consist of broken relationships, having regrets, and just that feeling where we hit the crossroads in our life.  Case in point, the song “The Waiting Room” speaks of a tragic loss of a loved one where they seemed to have wrote that song while waiting for the uncertainty while in the waiting room at a hospital.  The band also speaks of how rampant consumerism has become in the track “Real Time”, where they sing about their dreams being bought and sold, and working for the man only to receive nothing in return.

It’s plain to see why Stickup Kid have shared the stage with the likes of Green Day, The Story So Far, and Knuckle Puck.  Their songs are catchy and infectious, yet this album shows a band that has grown up before our very eyes, and that is a glorious thing!  This is undoubtedly a welcome back party for Stickup Kid with this kick ass album!  Madness To Creation rates this album a solid 8 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  You Were All Mine
  2.  Soul Drive
  3.  Draining
  4.  The Acrobat
  5.  Moonlight
  6.  House’s Head, Wilson’s Heart
  7.  Alone In Japan
  8.  The Waiting Room
  9.  Real Time
  10.  Heaven

Fans can find STICKUP KID at the following locations:

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