Back in December of 2018, New York indie-pop band Television Skies released a four song EP entitled “Demo” via Bandcamp.  Since then, they have released a lyric video for “Only For A Moment” via their Facebook page and their YouTube channel.  Through these releases, the duo has a world of potential ahead of them.

The band out of Ulster County, New York is composed of members Ihor Shuhan on vocals/guitars and Paul Maczaj on drums.  These two left a previous band called The Lighthouse in 2014 and formed Television Skies in 2016.  They cite The Doors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Who as a few of their primary influences in their music.  The band has also played various gigs in New York City.

Upon listening to their music, Television Skies sounds like that chill band that one would turn on after a long’s day work.  The programming coupled with the piano and the vocals in the opening track “Dancing All Alone” brings about a melancholic feel yet it sounds somewhat soaring in the bridge and chorus of the song.  The vocals sound a bit haunting yet have a smooth texture to the vocals.  The synths coupled with the harmonics of the guitar gives Television Skies a unique flavor in their music.

The track entitled “The Thrill” has such a nice groove and funky beat to it, the song is just really catchy.  “Only For A Moment” has the Brit AM Rock feel to it, which gives that feeling of reminiscing about the glorious days of yesteryear in the music.

The songs tell interesting stories and for a two piece band, I definitely appreciate the wall of sound to Television Skies.  What they have figured out already is that they don’t try to do too much, that each bit of texture in the music serves a purpose, which is quite difficult for a two piece band to accomplish, yet Television Skies accomplish that feat.  Madness To Creation rates this EP an 8 out of 10 stars.  Here is the track listing:

  1.  Dancing All Alone
  2.  The Thrill
  3.  17
  4.  Only For A Moment

Fans can find TELEVISION SKIES at the following locations:

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