Rock trailblazers Mick Jones, founding member of the chart-topping iconic band Foreigner and Lou Gramm, legendary original lead singer—meet up with Dan Rather in an all-new episode of The Big Interview , airing Tuesday, May 7 at 8pE/5pP. During the candid conversation, the pair reflect on their incredible careers, open up about their struggles with illness, and get personal about the highs and lows of their celebrated partnership.

In this exclusive first look, Jones and Gramm recall the rift that led to them not speaking to each other for ten years. On what ultimately led to the split, Gramm explains, “There seemed to be either miscommunication or sometimes no communication… You’d start putting a wall up… and there’d be resentment and anger.” The build-up soon proved to be too much, making it impossible for the bandmates to work together. Gramm continues, “Pretty soon, you wouldn’t bother to get together to write songs… And that’s kind of what happened to us at a certain point.” Jones remembers feeling pressure to build on the tremendous success of the band’s 1977 self-titled debut, as they strived to prove themselves in the cutthroat music industry. “I went through some times when I felt I wasn’t really in control, and I let myself go a bit,” he says. “It was part of the reason that we lost touch. I look back at that with regret, because there were a number of years I think we could’ve carried on.” Watch it here.

The Big Interview airs every Tuesday at 8pE/5pP, only on AXS TV.

  • Photo Credit:  Dale Wilcox

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