In December 2018, the indie pop duo out of Los Angeles by way of Wisconsin LION’S MOUTH released their first single in four years entitled “Moving Song”.  The duo wrote this song over the uncertainty of leaving the comforts of Heartland America to the big city lights of Los Angeles, California.  This duo is pretty unique in every sense of the word.

Lion’s Mouth is composed of Sara Wexler on drums/keys/backup vocals and Chelsea Zareczny on guitars/bass/vocals.  They make music that reminds me of the glory days of Paula Cole, Lisa Loeb, and Jewel and they combine it with a lot of simplicity and they make it work.

What Madness To Creation enjoyed about the single “Moving Song” is the storytelling behind the song.  The listener can feel the uncertainty in Chelsea’s vocals when she sings the following lyrics: “What if I don’t find friends out there/will you answer the phone?/’cause right now I’m scared to be on my own/and we both know when I leave/I’m not coming home”.  The listener feels the anxiousness and uncertainty in her vocals.

I like how the song picks up towards the end, making the song feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  My only “gripe” is that the ending should’ve carried on somewhat longer and maybe wrap back around into the chorus.  While, I enjoyed it, I felt the song ended a bit abruptly for me.  I know that I’m just being picky and petty.

Lion’s Mouth has potential to make it in the form of getting television and commercial placements in the future.  They write catchy songs and they write meaningful songs, and heaven knows that’s what this world needs right now.  Overall, solid job by Lion’s Mouth on the track “Moving Song”.

Check out “Moving Song” via Bandcamp here.

Fans can check out LION’S MOUTH at the following locations:


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