Editor’s Note:  Out of Paris and Los Angeles, Tarah Who? is a three piece band that is composed of Tarah G. Carpenter on vocals/guitars, Coralie Herve on drums/background vocals, and Joey Southern on bass/background vocals.  They have recently released a music video for “Numb Killer” which is about the terrorist attacks at the Ariana Grande concert.  The band Tarah Who? sat down with Madness To Creation in this lively interview  Definitely looking forward to hearing more from this band, but in the meantime, fans can find Tarah Who? at the following locations:




Madness To Creation:  According to your Facebook page, you’re located out of Paris and Los Angeles, tell us about those two music scenes.

Coralie:  Paris has a big scene for jazz, french music and metal but not really for rock or for Tarah Who?’s music. Los Angeles, of course, has a great rock scene.

Tarah: As a musician, I feel like people in France are more supportive with one another. First of all you get in touch with everyone who is on the bill and you discuss who brings out so that it is fair for everyone. In LA, you are on your own, you bring all of the gear that you are going to use, you don’t know who you are playing with, you come when you play, play and leave. It is rare that everyone stays and introduces themselves. This is one of the reasons why we do not like playing in LA anymore. We believe in a community, we are all on the same boat, trying to make it, there is no such thing as competition. If anything, we could help each other out. In LA people talk a lot and it is more about “who you know” that what you actually do, and how good you truly are. People are more popular if they know so and so or if they look the part. Playing in Paris for us is not the best because of the decibel restrictions that shut off the electricity if you play too loud. So clearly for Tarah Who? it is an issue. In France overall it is more fun, the venues are warmer, and if you don’t get paid for sure you get a really nice welcome, food, and open bar. People are excited to have you. LA , has too many pay to plays, or hard to get venues (must know or be friends or be hype) and all of that BS. This is why we prefer touring, because people really appreciate us outside of LA, we get paid, food,drinks, sell merch, staff is nice and you make memories and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love LA, but realistically, the music scene is BS. The worst part is of course the pay to play. 

European shows are overall longer (usually 45 minutes) while LA shows are 30 min tops, sometimes 25 minutes to change backline. 
Joey:  I have yet to visit Paris but I can not wait and as far as the states is concerned Tarah basically nailed it!!!
Madness To Creation:  A review I read said that Tarah Who? is compared to Alanis Morissette fronting Motorhead, what is the single biggest reason you got into music?

Tarah: I have never really thought of it. It was not a path I was choosing, It was and is something that I have started and keep doing. I started playing the drums and the bass in bands at the age of 14. Later I taught myself the guitar and started writing songs. Music has always been my escape, and in fact the only time I could be myself. I feel like no one really knows me until they have seen me play. First because I write about my true emotions and second because there is no hiding up there (on stage). I have always felt that my band mates knew the real me because there was no hiding with them. We go on tour, share stories, go through a ton of emotions and mood changes, it is normal. We live the same dream and adventure. You can’t really tell anyone about this, you have to go through it. “Have you seen this person while we were playing?” or you stop at a gas station and this happens, or whatever it is. What we experience is unique (each band has their stories) and you can’t really tell the stories. There is so much happening in a rehearsal but when someone asks me ” how was your practice?” I can only “great! thanks!” Because really, do you want to know, that today we came up with a new part, but then we were struggling with this rhythmic section so you know.. we looped part A for a while and then we finally got it! I mean you know! Waaa”

So.. I don’t know how I got into music, I was just drowned to it and I never stopped. I don’t feel good when I don’t play, I need to write, it is my therapy. I hope to influence people with our songs the way we have all been influenced by different artists, I hope to inspire our listeners, and maybe some of you can relate to the stories and we can all day dream together 🙂 
Joey:  I come from a music loving family and I was introduced to live music young enough that it sparked a life long journey. 
Madness To Creation:  You have a video out for “Numb Killer” take us into that song and favorite and least favorite thing about making a music video?

Tarah: ‘Numb Killer’ is about the terrorist attacks at the Ariana Grande’s show in Manchester. I remember sitting the backseat of my friend’s car going up to Ventura paddle boarding. 

We heard the news and I felt really sad. I was trying to imagine the scene; wondering how someone, a human being could see all of those kids or teenagers and go through with their mission. 
I had broken my ankle a few days before the music video took place. It was an overnight shoot. My favorite part was actually doing it. I love being with Joey and Coralie. We were doing something big, new and different, it was really exciting and the result is rewarding. The crew was amazing, and overall I just love working with Maria, who truly is our fourth band member. My least favorite part was coming up with the cash. We worked with my ankle being in a cast, I don’t think you can really tell on the video either, but it did hurt me quite a bit during the shooting. We found a really old wheel chair in the parking lot and used it to move me around. I even got to take it home so I could use it when we were on the road, instead of crutching around. 
Joey:  Numb Killer was an amazing experience. The three musketeers Maria Quintana – DP, Jude Abadi – 1st AC and Junbai Z. (Kay) – Gaffer are amazing to work with on set. They have vision and take pride in their work. Overall my favorite part was working with the best band mates and the best crew I could ask for. The least favorite part is most definitely the money hahaha.

Madness To Creation:  Big summer plans for Tarah Who?

Coralie:  We actually gonna prepare ourselves for our European Tour (France and England) in September.

Tarah: Yes like Coralie mentioned we are planning on going to Europe in September, but prior to that, we have a couple shows in and around LA. We are actually currently working on the release of our new music video for ‘Hurt’, as well as our documentary. All members of Tarah Who? are also part of another project called Jane Gray Black Orphan, that is more like a Tool type of sound. Coralie and I are playing the drums (Yes, there are two drums 🙂 ° Joey plays the bass and one of the previous bass player of Tarah Who? Ash Orphan, plays the guitar and sings. It is a very different and fun project to work on on the side. I am also working on making new demos for Tarah Who?’s next Ep (2020) while Coralie and Joey learn songs for the European tour. 

Busy Busy 🙂 
Joey:  Being the newest member of Tarah Who? I have the most homework. Tarah has an extensive catalog of songs that I have been learning for the upcoming European tour. Along learning new material for Tarah Who? I have been busy writing bass lines for Jane Grey Black Orphan as Tarah mentioned. A real treat considering I get to break out my chest of pedals to experiment with. Videos to come on the @jane_grey_black_orphan Instagram!!!
Madness To Creation:  Take us into the writing process for the “64 Women” EP!
Coralie:  Tarah is the one writing the music and the lyric. She is making the demos, playing all the instruments, and send them to Joey and I when finished. We have the feeling, most of the structure and the meaning of each song, so we can add our own touch, which is amazing!
Tarah:  Yeah pretty much. I have worked with a lot of musicians and it took me some time to be confident in the way i want the songs to sound like. I find it easier today to just write it all, record demos, share the tracks, everyone learns on their own and they we meet at rehearsal, play and correct. What I really enjoy, while working with Coralie and Joey is that not only they have their own personalities and sounds but they also have great ideas and improvisations skills, especially Joey. I can just tell him ‘Here play something, or solo time’ and he comes up with really groovy bass lines or whatever the song actually needs. Joey is very sensitive to the song which is a big part of what I was looking for in a musician. For Coralie, it is slightly different, I have very specific ideas with drums but I can’t play them all due to my lack of practice and technique. Coralie is a killer so all i have to say is ‘You hear this but what I meant was ….” Then she does it and there goes the crazy fill, then she adds her signature moves and facial expressions and you have Tarah Who?! What we love working on is a unique live show. What you hear on the recordings go one way but we like to extend and improvise, we understand each other and pay attention to what each one of us plays. We have great chemistry and everyone notices it right away. I can’t wait to record the next EP with Coralie and Joey, especially because now we really know each other. Joey had just barely joined the band when he recorded the bass for ’64 Women’ so for sure this time around, it will be a great new experience! 

Joey: I am the newest member of the band. We met back in April 2018 via Facebook messenger…

“Hi Joe, I am contacting you because I am looking for a bass player for my band Tarah Who? If you like what you hear hit me back. Have a good day! ” Tarah
Random, it seemed strange and went unanswered for six whole days. The idea rolled around in my head enough and I decided I needed to listen to the songs. Two weeks later we left on a west coast tour and we have been constantly working ever since!
When we got back from the first tour I had the opportunity to re-record the bass lines for the EP “64 WOMEN” in Jason Orme’s studio in Hollywood. It was essential to have the three of us on the EP to give the true representation of the band.
Madness To Creation:  What can fans expect from a Tarah Who? live show!
Coralie:  If you want to have a good time, listen to heavy, raw music and be entertained, come to one of our shows!
Tarah:  An authentic show. We don’t even know what is going to happen! we don’t like to plan ahead, every show is different, we play with the vibe, and emotions. I can even change the setlist as we go! Who knows? What is for sure, is that if you have a little extra energy, want to have a good time, listen to loud rock’n roll, be entertained. Come and see us!
Joey:  Energetic night with an open atmosphere free to be yourself and enjoy life!
Madness To Creation:  What else would you like to add in regards to Tarah Who?
Coralie:  Rock on !!! Hope to see some of you at our shows!

Tarah: Thank you for your support! We cannot wait to release our documentary so that you get to know us and the music industry as an independent band and women in the music industry today! 

Support local, live, independent musicians, we all need it 🙂 
Joey:  Thank you for the support and see you on the road!
And there you have it!  Stay up to date on Tarah Who?’s socials for further information!

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