On February 22nd, alternative rock band Lullwater has released “Voodoo”, their third studio album.  The band is composed of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist John Strickland, lead guitarist Daniel Binnie, bassist and vocalist Roy ‘Ray’ Beatty, and drummer and vocalist Joseph Wilson.  The band has toured with such acts as Candlebox, Theory of a Deadman, Flyleaf, and Butcher Babies and has a sound that serves as a nice compliment to those bands.  Lullwater also recently wrapped up a run opening for Sevendust. Lullwater has a sound that, to me, is a combination of southern rock and 90s-early 2000s grunge.  

Lullwater definitely hits the listener with the two best songs on the album right away with the opening track “Curtain Call” followed by “Dark Divided.”  The beginning of “Curtain Call” may remind some listeners of Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam’s early work. This song combines the best of Strickland and Binnie’s talents and serves as a great introduction to Lullwater if the listener is not familiar with them.  The second track “Dark Divided” is similar in the compilation of talent and will be a favorite of listeners who are into long and powerful guitar solos. These two songs are very legit and will get the listener rocking and rolling right away!

However, it was hard for me to get into the rest of the album.  Song after song morph together in a way that it’s hard to distinguish one from the next.  It pains me to say this, because I do think Lullwater is a talented band composed of sound from a genre that takes me back to my youth.  As mentioned, the rest of the album just didn’t do it for me as there wasn’t much in the way of a variety of sound or depth with the lyrics.  While the aforementioned songs are very good, I can’t give the album as a whole anything greater than a 5/10. To hear Lullwater at their best, please check out the following links for “Curtain Call’ and “Dark Divided” and please give them further exploration to form your own opinion!

Please listen to “Curtain Call” via the link below.

Please listen to “Dark Divided” via the link below.

Track Listing:

  1. Curtain Call
  2. Dark Divided
  3. Empty Chamber
  4. Similar Skin
  5. This Life
  6. Godlike
  7. Buzzards
  8. Fight for Your Life
  9. Into the Sun
  10. Yellow Bird
  11. Suffer Not

To learn more about Lullwater, please check out the following socials.  They actually just recently finished a winter tour, but be on the lookout for future concert and tour dates!




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