It was a lovely Friday evening up in Minneapolis as Madness To Creation attended a show that was somewhat out of my element.  It was France’s PERTURBATOR with special guest GOST live at The Loft at Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Gost was the first group to take the stage.  I loved how The Loft at Skyway Theater was set up.  The Skyway Theater is big enough to house several other venues besides the main stage.  It was tucked in a room that held hundreds of people and there were literally all walks of life at this show.  There were people like me who were dressed up in “biz cas” type of wear, there were people dressed like they were going to a rave, and there were metal and punk rockers there as well.  Gost represented the more metal crowd with their horror themed style of music.  It reminded me of music that would be heard in a Rob Zombie-directed horror film and the look definitely matched the music.  What was cool was there were two people in the group, the live “deejay” and a live bass player.  The bass player stood out to me as he absolutely shreds and nails the bass like an evil spirit possessed.  The crowd was feeling the music.  I have never heard of Gost but the screaming kind of threw me off in the music, yet it fit the sinister feel of their music.  I thought it was a nice contrast to the retrowave/synthwave vibe that Perturbator possesses.

Perturbator stole the night.  This group has a retrowave 80’s Miami Vice feel to the music, where one can envision themselves rolling the windows down and letting the night take control of their emotions and vibes.  It was so amazing to vibe to their three opening songs entitled “Birth of the New Model”, “Neo Tokyo” and “Future Club”.  The live drummer in this synthwave band provided that extra punch to the band, while the synth player is definitely the straw that stirs the drink in the band.  I found myself closing my eyes because I wanted to engage my senses into the music so I could feel every note that was being played.  The frontman of Perturbator just made it an electric night which seemed to have served as an amazing backdrop to the Minnesota skyline.  I said at the beginning of this review that I felt a little out of my element reviewing this show, however, Perturbator made you feel like a part of some exclusive “future club” with their vibes.  Madness To Creation is definitely looking forward to seeing Perturbator again!  Here is the setlist:

Birth of the New Model

Neo Tokyo

Future Club

She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next

Corrupted By Design


She Moves Like A Knife

Diabolus Ex Machina

Humans Are Such Easy Prey

God Complex


Tactical Precision Disarray

The North American Tour featuring Perturbator with Gost is still continuing.  Check out the tour dates below:

Mon. 5/13- SAT in Montreal, Canada

Tue. 5/14- Sinclair in Boston, Massachusetts

Wed. 5/15- Trocadero in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thu. 5/16- Irving Plaza in New York, New York

Fri. 5/17- The Broadberry in Richmond, Virginia

Sat. 5/18- Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia

Sun 5/19- The Orpheum in Tampa, Florida

For tickets and further information, click here.

Fans can find PERTURBATOR at the following locations:

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