“This Won’t Last Forever” by MIKEY is a fun, energetic song about the not so fun realization that a relationship was destined to fail. It takes an honest look back a relationship that, although memorable and enjoyable, always felt temporary. The energy helps recognize the undeniable positives and genuine love that were present but lyrically leans into the inevitable truths that were also present. It’s a song about not regretting a past love but staying self aware. The song was co-written and produced by Michael Morgan (Kelsy Karter, Jagwar Twin).
Mikey is the new LA-based pop project from singer-songwriter, Mike Schiavo. Born in Brooklyn and growing up in New Jersey, after years of writing, releasing music, touring while opening for artists like Lauv, LeAnn Rimes, A R I Z O N A, Jacob Whitesides and more, Mikey was born. The past two years , Mikey has carefully crafted his sound and come into his own. He will release a collection of songs throughout 2019 and is bound to relate to listeners with his catchy melodies and emotional lyrics.

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