Editor’s Note:  Fire Follows is more than just another musician doing an interview with Madness To Creation.  Fire Follows is jumping on this movement that we are starting.  You will begin to see a paradigm shift with this site.  We are going to be focusing on mental health and wellness.  We want to take this small platform that we have to discuss these topics that should be paramount to our life and that is coping with mental health.  We all need to cope in some way, shape or form.  We are all fighting a battle that no one knows about.  Now the digression is over, Chris Watt aka Fire Follows will be releasing his EP “If It’s War You Want” via Pavement Entertainment this Friday.  We are anxious for the world to hear this album.  Chris Watt was so kind to create a vlog for us to talk about his struggles with mental health and coping with Tourette’s Syndrome, and using his struggles as a source of encouragement for those who are struggling with a disease that can cripple someone just as much as a broken back.  Fans can find Fire Follows at the following locations:



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