This is mega news for this website!  The guitarist that brings about “Joy” through her music, Jackie Venson will be taking over Madness To Creation’s Instagram and Facebook Live for her show on June 1st in Houston, Texas.  And we are partnering up to give away two tickets to her show(and I might throw an extra surprise your way) for the winner.

All you need to do is simply comment either on Instagram or Facebook Live that you’re watching her show.  Bonus entries include following Madness To Creation’s Facebook and Instagram’s accounts and tagging friends to watch her performance!  This is why you need to watch her live:

  1.  She has appeared on the Stephen Colbert Show playing guitar for Mac Miller’s song “Dang!”.
  2.  She tears it up as a blues guitarist out of Austin, Texas
  3.  You need to hear her latest album entitled “Joy”.
  4.  She has supported Aloe Blacc, Curtis Harding, Gary Clark Jr, and Earth, Wind & Fire on various shows!
  5. She has performed at SXSW, Austin City Limits and John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival!
  6. You can win two tickets to any show of your choice(plus I’ll throw in an extra surprise as a way of saying thank you)!

Check out this must-see show this Saturday in Houston, Texas.  In the meantime, fans can check out Jackie Venson at the following locations:

Here is what critics have said about Jackie Venson:

“Joy showcases both Venson’s spellbinding guitar skills and her unique ability to blend blues, rock, R&B and soul into a idiosyncratic sound that’s unmistakably hers” (Guitar Player Magazine)

“It’s exciting, it’s inspiring, and it sounds absolutely incredible.” (Substream Magazine)

“Jackie Venson is truly an Austin legend in the making. An accomplished guitarist and talented singer to boot, she collaborates with some of the best instrumentalists and artists in Austin, Texas on a regular basis and continually uses her platform to put people on.” (Forbes)

“With raging guitar work, a strong and eclectic bassline, and a breathy and edgy voice, “Witchcraft” is a song about female empowerment that really rocks, but not in the usual way we’ve been accustomed to as of late. The odd time-signature is surrounded by laser sharp guitar licks, random, but effective synth, and a call for woman to resist the status quo.” (Pancakes and Whiskey)

“[She] demonstrates how fierce of a performer she is, with a natural stage presence and the skills to back it up. ” (NPR)

“Jackie Venson continues to morph into a soul’d up St. Vincent and we couldn’t be more excited for it. Venson’s latest dynamite single is “A Million Moments,” a revved up blast of electro-soul …that pairs Venson’s thrilling guitar work and powerful vocals with booming synths and both electronic and live drums.” (OVRLD)

“With today’s modern rock overrun by formulaic pop-rock choruses, purposeless guitar solos, and desperate electronic bass integrations, Venson sets fire to the faux-rock sounds plaguing the airwaves. With veracity and candor, she has been winning fans over left and right through heartfelt lyrics, a powerful voice and unapologetic guitar work” (EARMILK)


“The prolific guitarist/vocalist combines rhythmic groove, smooth vocals and a killer guitar solo, all of which speak to her raw and multifaceted talent.” (Culture Collide)

“The Austin native’s stage presence exudes joy and excitement for life as her blues-y, rock ‘n roll sound carries this tune about freedom and self-acceptance. Her delicate, yet mesmerizing voice and the ease with which her fingers find all the right notes along her guitar’s neck will have your head in the clouds.” (VIBE Magazine)

Jackie Venson is one of the most talented up and coming blues guitarists of her generation. With a gorgeous singing voice, a guitar style that is both dynamic and technically precise, and music that blends genres, she is one to watch out for.” (She Shreds)

“..A player who loves to explore multiple genres and mix them together into compelling musical hybrids.” (Guitar Player)


“…A deeply passionate singer and guitar player who truly feels every word she sings and every note she plays. Every once in a while, her progression will sound faint of stunning classics like Jeff Buckley.” (Baeble Music)

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