London, England’s own FREEMAN recently released his single entitled “London Nights” ahead of his upcoming summer release entitled “Love”.

Fans can expect the theme of “Love” to talk about the “free-love movement” of the 1970’s.  “London Nights” was written with fellow bandmate Jamie Brown and it merges the nostalgia of the 1960’s and 1970’s with today’s modern vibes.  Alternative Addiction has stated that “whether he’s channeling Jagger, Dylan, Petty, Bowie, or whoever, he’s doing it damn well”.  The lyrics of the single follow the narrative of feeling isolated and alone in a city filled with people, until the perfect person comes around to help ease the pain.

Freeman says “The opening riff for London Nights flew in from the ether and for weeks after we couldn’t stop singing it. Soon after that riff had arrived, Jamie had jumped on the stand-up piano in his living room and I was throwing out a verse idea which immediately stuck.


Lyrically, I wanted to capture the irony of the big city, a metropolis literally packed full of people, that can nevertheless remain one of loneliest places in the world. Meeting someone special in amongst the madness and the crowds can be tough. We’re all looking for that special connection. This song is about loneliness being replaced by joy; about a bad, mad world becoming much more forgiving upon making a special connection. A true friend. A true love. A song about overcoming fear and letting in the love.”

In 2018,  FREEMAN released his debut album Truth, which was recorded live at vintage studio Eastcote using a tape and analogue set up, adding to FREEMAN’s authentically classic sound. The first five singles from Truth have all picked up BBC radio play, including a live session at BBC London and “BBC featured artist of the week.”

On that note, FREEMAN decided to share his personal Spotify playlist with Madness To Creation in The Musician’s Tribune.  FREEMAN has titled this playlist “Songs In The Key of Life” and here is what FREEMAN had to say about his song selection:

A selection of tunes I can hang my hat on. Tunes that I adore, that have signposted my life to date. Every song here carries a memory and a special place in my heart. They all take me back to special moments and memories. A mixed bag, plenty of different emotions and feelings. Songs in the key of life .. 
Thanks for this opportunity, been a blast.
Here is the playlist curated by FREEMAN:

For more information, visit FREEMAN online:

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