Editor’s Note:  This was an amazing box!  This unboxing of a 2018 hobby box of Topps Chrome baseball is always my favorite sports card products.  I love the bang for your buck that you get.  You get many colors of parallels and refractors and you also get two autographed cards per box.  Essentially, it’s the most bang for your buck!  I did pull a monster hit out of here, you will have to check out the video.  I am looking forward to 2019 Topps Chrome to be released.  In a 2018 baseball hobby box, you get 4 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, and you get a ridiculous amount of “color” and two autographs per box.  I am doing a giveaway at 100 subscribers.  You get your choice of $20 worth of hobby packs, a blaster box, or a $20 gift certificate to Ticketmaster(which will cover the convenience fee)


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