Contributor’s Note: Episode 27 of The Don’s Hit List Podcast is now available with Liz Mauritz (Vocals/Lyricist) and Zach Duarte (Lead Guitars) of the Pop Punk band Gold Steps. Liz and Zach journey with me through their band’s music collection as we discuss the goosebump moments in their songs.

Liz and Zach discuss their songwriting process. How the song “Toughen Up” which was the first song they wrote together as a band, was inspired by a relationship Liz was in where there were red flags and other girls coming up to her saying, “We have to warn you…” and then share their experiences. This is a lesson for all girls in regards to relationships.

Liz also shares her advice on people dealing with anxiety and what has helped her through some difficult times.

We also discuss their latest single “Empty Space”. Liz wrote the song in having the deal with the loss of her grandfather whom she was extremely close to as well as the impact of this loss on her grandmother. Liz wrote it from the perspective of losing your soulmate. They were married for 74 years.

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On Saturday, July 6th, Gold Steps will be sharing the stage with Boys of Fall, Kurt Travis, Eyes Set To Kill, We Were Sharks, Courage My Love, and Handguns at Renegade Fest at The Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan.  For tickets and further information, click here.

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  • Photo Credit:  Meagan Bolds Ocean & Anchor

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