Editor’s Note:  Kentucky’s KISS KISS BANG has been getting some notoriety since premiering their music video for “Hearts On Fire” exclusively with PureGrainAudio.  The band is gearing up to provide support for legendary hair-metal acts Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango this summer and have received quite a response to their music video and to their EP of the same name.  It’s plain to see that people enjoy quality harmonies and quality musicianship and Kiss Kiss Bang certainly provides that.  Kiss Kiss Bang sat down with Madness To Creation to discuss the Bowling Green music scene along with “Hearts On Fire” and also offered up some candid words for those that are struggling with mental health disorders.  Fans can find Kiss Kiss Bang at the following locations:


Madness To Creation:  Take us into the Bowling Green music scene.

Kiss Kiss Bang:  In a word itʼs eclectic. Thereʼs something here for everyone. Our scene is built around good musicianship and the live show. On any given weekend you can find multiple bands of different genres putting on great shows to great crowds and we have some cool venues like Tidballs, Spillway, and the A frame that are great rooms. Itʼs also a close knit scene. Everyone is really pulling for each other to do well. Weʼve had multiple Grammy award winning bands come from the area and itʼs just got a vibe that in my opinion rivals many of the very big music cities in America!

Madness To Creation:  The video for “Hearts On Fire” is getting some play.  Take us into the song.

Kiss Kiss Bang: Hearts on Fire was one of the first tracks written for the EP. It really started with a riff like many of our songs do. Clayton brought that one to the table and we all pitched our ideas to it and we love how it turned out. Itʼs always been a favorite. The song is really built around grooving riffs and vocal harmonies. If you listen in the verses there are some really neat harmonies. In the chorus you hear a lead vocal a harmony 2nd and 3rd vocal that is not only a harmony but also a lead because it dances around. We try to mix it up and it hit the ear in multiple ways.

Madness To Creation:  Most challenging and rewarding aspect about creating the “Hearts On Fire” EP.

Kiss Kiss Bang: This EP was a real test of patience. Some of these songs came very easily in the studio and others took some elbow grease. The challenging thing was ok whoʼs singing what and where and also what does this song need to make it really a badass tune. All of the challenging aspects is what made the process rewarding because we all spent a lot of time working to get what we wanted and the ultimate payoff is when people tell you they are really digging it. At the end of the day thatʼs what itʼs all about. Getting a reaction and a good one at that. We were glad to finally put it out there.

Madness To Creation:  This site is geared towards mental health awareness.  What is the most important thing to you about mental health?

Kiss Kiss Bang:  Talking about it and being aware of it. So many people that deal with mental health issues are sometimes afraid to talk about it for various re&sons. Something just as simple as reaching out to your friends and just checking on them how are you whatʼs new etc.

Madness To Creation:  A song or an album that has gotten you through a difficult time in your life?

Kiss Kiss Bang: Its hard to narrow it down to just one album or one piece of work but music of many different genres in general have always helped me through tough times. Music is a powerful thing.

Madness To Creation:  What keeps you going?  For those that feel at the end of their rope, what message do you have for them?

Kiss Kiss Bang: The drive and determination to do what I love and the support of friends and family that believe in my band and our music. It fuels my desire to get better at my instrument. The best advice I have for someone that feels that way is that things are temporary. Whatever youʼre going through whatever youʼre dealing with, itʼs all temporary. Things WILL get better. And always remember thereʼs someone out there who really cares about you. Never forget that.  Everyone is important to someone.

Madness To Creation:  A pre-show ritual that helps you get ready for a show.

Kiss Kiss Bang:  My pre-show ritual changes all the time but the one constant thing is usually I have my guitar in my hands 30 minutes before I walk on. Gotta warm the hands up cause once youʼre up there as soon as that first note is hit itʼs show time and you donʼt wanna look like a chump if you’re not ready!

Madness To Creation:  What can fans expect from Kiss Kiss Bang for the rest of the year?

Kiss Kiss Bang:  Shows! We are working our hardest to go to some places we havenʼt been in awhile. We also have a new cover song we are going to record but I canʼt spill the beans on what it is just yet. We have been writing new material as well. We are always writing it seems like. More shows more music itʼs on the way!

And there you have it! Kiss Kiss Bang has some gigs coming up.  Check out the dates below:

Fri. 7/12- SideTracks Music Hall in Huntsville, Alabama (w/Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango)

Sat. 7/13- Muggbee’s in Somerset, Kentucky

Fri. 7/19- Tidball’s in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Fri. 7/26- Rib Lickers Smoke Shack in Glasgow, Kentucky

Fri. 8/9- Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Sat. 8/10- Backseat Bar and Grill in Winchester, Virginia

Wed. 8/14- The Basement in Nashville, Tennessee

For tickets and further information on any of the gigs listed above, click here.

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