Contributor’s Note: Attention: Episode 30 of The Don’s Hit List Podcast Side M is available with Mitch Wilson of No Knife (No Knife Archive). Don and Mitch go through goosebump moments in the No Knife catalog. Mitch shares stories from the writing and recording process, influences on the band and the songs they created. We also talked about a funny rehearsal story, misheard lyrics, and much more.

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AVAILABLE NOW: Ryan Ferguson Interview (Episode 30 Side R) as we discuss some of the goosebump moments in the No Knife No Knife Archive catalog of music. Same songs as I discussed with Mitch, but now we have Ryan’s take on them. Remember to check out Episode 30 Side M for Mitch’s version.

Two of the many fun facts you will learn from this interview:

One of No Knife’s songs was used in a popular 90s TV drama. Hint: The main Female character’s name was Joey.

They played a practical joke on their bass played Brian Desjean during the recording of “Hit Man Dreams”.

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And there you have it!  No Knife has a couple of gigs this summer.  Check out the dates below:

Sun. 7/14- The Regent in Los Angeles, California (w/Jawbox)

Mon. 7/15- The Casbah in San Diego, California (w/Rob Crow)

Fans can find NO KNIFE at the following locations:


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