Editor’s Note:  We are pleased and humbled for Madness To Creation to exclusively premiere the single to “Young” by Atlanta pop-rock band REVEL IN ROMANCE via Soundcloud!  Revel In Romance is composed of Saxony Raine on vocals, Devin Maier on lead guitars, Parker Rehklau on rhythm guitars, Remington Rehklau on bass, and Mark Robinson(ex-The Jonas Brothers) on drums.  They are set to release their highly anticipated EP entitled “Smoke and Mirrors” in August, which is a follow-up to their 2016 release entitled “Right and Wrong”.  Be prepared for Revel In Romance to take you on that emotional roller coaster as their music is heartfelt and infectious at the same time.  Fans can find Revel In Romance at the following locations:





Madness To Creation:  I absolutely love the single for “Smoke and Mirrors”, take us into that single, what was in your mind when you penned the lyrics?
Saxony:  Thank you so much! 
To answer: The lyrical content was inspired by my personal experience. Someone that I was so close to, that I loved very much, had been the only person that was just like me in the way he thought of drugs and smoking. But, long story short? I saw him one night years after we’d been together and he had been consumed by whatever drugs he was taking and he wasn’t acting like he loved me or himself anymore and he was completely gone. The song for me was a clarity piece that basically just spoke what I was thinking that night. “you’re so far gone, your conscience can’t catch up with you now” – a line that to me says “you knew better at one point but now you’re too deep to be saved or to love me like you once did.” this song for me is very deep and very close to my emotions because you never think you’ll lose someone to that lifestyle. And while he is still alive, he still felt gone to me. This song was me putting him in that box and reminding myself not to go back anymore because “you love your smoke and mirrors more” than you could ever love me now.   
Madness To Creation:  EP coming out in August, what can fans of Revel In Romance expect from the EP?
Saxony:  Fans can expect a whole lot of excitement, a whole lot of heart and the ability to jump around dancing and the ability to sob all in one EP. They’ll feel every sense of emotion they’ve wanted pulled from deep within them for the more heartfelt moments and they’ll be able to throw cares to the wind, even just for the length of a song. I feel like this EP has a little bit of everything. 
Madness To Creation:  What have you learned about life and music from 2014 to now?  What would you tell the 2014 version of yourself if you had a conversation with them?
Saxony:  I would probably tell 2014 me to never give up. That sounds very cliche, but I’ve seen a lot of people just stop and give up on their dreams for something easy. Past me would probably roll her eyes and say “yeah yeah, i do what i want and i can do this” because I’ve always had the mindset that i can do anything i stick my mind to. 
What I’ve learned in music is not to be afraid of trying new sounds and to always be kind to everyone in the industry. no one likes the entitled attitude and some of the greatest musicians are the kindest.  I would tell myself to talk to those who intimidate me and be a sponge for information, because you have no idea what you’re getting into and you won’t know if you don’t ask questions. I feel like i did a pretty good job following these things, because i wouldn’t change much of anything for my path, but still. it’s always nice to have a reminder for the things you already think. 
Madness To Creation: Favorite song to play live?
Saxony:  My favorite song, personally, to play live is probably a tie between Smoke and Mirrors – because I feel like I can pour all my emotions out through the vocals and For a Minute – this one because it’s super dance-y but also kind of (not sure if i’m allowed to cuss here, but) badass. You haven’t heard For a Minute yet, but you will… For a Minute, I feel like is where we start to let loose and go a little crazy. I love it. 
Madness To Creation: Let’s transition to mental health awareness:  What do you do to take care of yourself and your mind?
Saxony:  For me, i always need an outlet. I need a place where I feel like my emotions are safe, I need a space where I can speak freely without judgement. I’ll get all bottled up and lose all function in anything because i’ll be consumed by my emotions if I don’t. I’ve never really looked into therapy – mostly because I don’t really need someone to help me figure out how to change the way I’m thinking or help me cope, so my own form of “therapy” is writing. I have a journal on my laptop that is easily 60k+ words. sometimes I’ll rewrite about the same things four or five times to analyze situations and figure out how to deal with them. I come up with different scenarios and how i think people will react. I write what I want to say. I’ll type text messages that I’ll never send. The journal isn’t for anyone but me to get my thoughts in order. If I’m struggling with anything. I’ll have to write about it. If I just have a lot on my mind, it’s my coping mechanism to get it out of my mind as best i can before i lose my mind to fear and what ifs. i think if it’s on paper I have better luck figuring it out with a stress free mindset because i can put it into physical boxes instead of mental ones. I’ve always been a visual person. 
Madness To Creation: If my readers are struggling with their mental health, what advice do you have for them to get through?
Saxony:  Find the “whys” behind your feelings. If you’re upset, or sad, figure out what you can change about the situation and be kind in your intentions. try not to blame everything on yourself. We’re all human, and we’re all trying to figure this earth out together. You are not alone, and neither are your emotions. It’s okay to feel. Get them all out and cry if you have to. Only you have the power to define yourself. If you don’t like something, change it. Be the person you want to be, not the person you think you are. We are our own worst critics. You got this. You’re powerful. You are strong. 
Madness To Creation:  The song, band/artist, or album that gets me through difficult times is….(complete the sentence)
Saxony:  My “feel good” song is Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow, But if I need a good cry, I’m turning on Happier by Ed Sheeran or Boston by Augustana. 
Madness To Creation: Now, let’s talk about your live show, why should people come out to a Revel In Romance concert?
Saxony:  We put a lot of thought into our live show, keeping it interesting with mini dance moves and we have fun in every moment of it. We’re pretty much always smiling and if we’re not we’re feeling the mood of every song. For us, music completely engulfs our spirit at every show. Our whole being feels the music and the amount of fun that we have rubs off on other people to where they’re dancing with us, or singing with us and the whole experience is epic. The connection we have to our audience is one of my favorite things. The whole room is there for one reason and that’s to “feel something” in a room full of people you may or may not know. music brings people together and we want you listen and feel. we want you to be set free. 
Madness To Creation:   Most rewarding and most embarrassing moment live?
Saxony:  Most Rewarding: i think the most rewarding part has to be when I’m talking to fans and someone comes up to me and talks about how much they relate to a song and how in listening to us and in being a part of that show, they feel a little less alone. My favorite thing is that music brings people together. I love when people sing the words back at me (that’s part of the reason I’m so excited to release new music!) learn the words, because I’ll notice and I’ll probably squeal with excitement later about how you know them!
Most Embarrassing: This is kind of a hard one because i think that moments that most people may find embarrassing, I sort of feed off of and learn to improv with. We played SandJam fest in Panama City this year and our most well known song, Echoes had ended, but I was still singing. The song ended, and I sang another chorus acapella while the band just watched me. It was one hundred percent my fault, I wasn’t keeping count with what was going on, but it somehow totally worked and I didn’t even notice that I messed up until I turned around on the cat walk and we went into the next song. 
Madness To Creation: Best crowd reaction you can remember?
Saxony:  We played Chattanooga and the crowed was so into the whole experience and so hyper that the gate in front of the stage was literally being lifted and shaken, so much so that security had to tell them to stop, but they continued to be excited about the sounds and utterly amazed. It was incredible to see people get that hype.
Madness To Creation:  What else do you want to add about Revel In Romance?
Saxony:  Follow us on Instagram and Spotify, we post cool stuff. 
And there you have it!  Check out the premiere to “Young” by Revel In Romance via Soundcloud!

Madness To Creation reaction to single:  Highly emotive and Saxony’s voice is so powerful.  The pop/rock hooks are so lush it reminds me of a beautiful summer day.  Couple that summer day with Saxony’s voice that sounds anguished and hurt and you have a concoction of emotions that will cause you to feel with Revel In Romance.  This band has all the potential in the world to be something special.

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