(Album Review) “Scriptures” by TEE GRIZZLEY

Recently, rising Detroit hip-hop artist Tee Grizzley released his album “Scriptures” via 300 Entertainment.  Based on his work with Timbaland, this album is sure to be a hip-hop banger that The Source needs to put on their year-end album charts.
As I’m sitting here rocking out to NBA 2K19 destroying fools online and listening to Tee Grizzley’s discography for the 6th or 7th time, I can’t help but be taken into the grimy gritty world of Grizz & the Detroit atmosphere.  If you’re looking for the repetitive, uninspired autotuned garbage that has a deathgrip like choke on the mainstream airwaves, then quit reading this right now.
This 14 track project is nothing short of a true Tee Grizzley experience.  I call it an experience because anyone can listen to something but the way Grizz uses his imagery and rapid fire delivery to bring you into his mind, you will be guaranteed to be taken down a path you most likely didn’t expect.  I’ve been a fan of Tee Grizzley since I heard “First Day Out” and have come to expect a certain bar from this Detroit native.  My dude didn’t disappoint me.
Case in point, let’s look at the songs “Locked Up” and “Heroes”.  “Locked Up” grips to the chest in the sense that it’s a heartfelt story about family going away to prison and family death affecting a young kid and shaping his life growing up.
“Heroes” is also a heartfelt story about how not every kid idolizes larger than life comic book heroes.  Tee Grizzley does a masterful job on teaching the listener life lessons on being strong enough to handle yourself in tough  times.  Check out the video to “Heroes” here.
On top of that, Tee Grizzley released his video for “More Than Friends”.  Check it out here.
Here is the track listing of this certified 10 star banger:
1.  God’s Warrior
2.  Sweet Thangs
3.  Heroes
4.  No Talkin’
5.  Had To
6.  Locksmith
7.  Scriptures
8.  Locked Up
9.  Add Me Up
10.  More Than Friends
11.  Overseas
12.  Million Dollar Foreign
13.  Preach
14.  Young Grizzley World  (featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & YNW Melly)
Fans can find TEE GRIZZLEY at the following locations:

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