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Giving Facebook followers the first taste of the new Episode 33 of The Don’s Hit List Podcast with Skyler Cocco

Skyler has been writing/engineering/producing music since she was 11 years old! Her debut album “Reverie” is heavily influenced by 90s Alternative and Grunge with artists such as Liz PhairKurt CobainChris CornellStone Temple Pilots, and Sunny Day Real Estate. I also reference the band Failure in one of the tracks. We go through all of the goosebump moments in the album.

EXCLUSIVE! Sklyer writes incredible POP songs as well. She debut’s a new one on the show called “I Don’t Think About U” which mark my words, will be on Top 40 radio by the end of the year. The song is about a narcissist who thinks that the woman in his relationship will always be ready to take him back. This song is about the woman taking control.

Another debut is from Zach featuring Skyler Cocco. This song is another great pop song that I can hear on every Top 40 station around the country and Europe. The track is “Only In My Head” and has a groove that is perfect for a steady running or workout mix. Skyler wrote the lyrics for this and Zach wrote the music. This is Zach’s debut as a songwriter.

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