With success comes having record companies and “the powers that be” telling you how to write, how to record, and how to arrange.  This is tempting for many bands/recording artists to do in exchange for a healthy cash flow.  With that comes sacrificing and compromising your art, and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown definitely went the route of raw and playing with high emotions as they definitely stayed true to themselves in their June 28th release entitled “Truth and Lies” via Snakefarm Records.

This release was such a highly anticipated followup to their previous offering as fans immediately gravitated towards their blues arrangements mixed with classic rock elements while blending in a whole lotta soul food into the music.  With “Truth and Lies”, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown certainly didn’t disappoint with tracks such as the opener “Shock and Awe”, which is heavy hitter as I pictured Tyler actually pointing to the sky to acknowledge Chris Cornell with the blues meets grunge arrangements of the album.  “Shock and Awe” hit heavier than the Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign of the same name with bone crushing riffs and soul baring lyrics.

One thing that Tyler revealed about himself is that he has stepped forward in his mental health concerns dealing with severe anxiety and panic attacks.  Madness To Creation applauds and shows love to Tyler for this in the track “Shape I’m In”, which talks about struggling to get through those difficult times in a person’s life.  This track represents a beautiful testimony to Tyler’s life with the lyric “don’t judge me by the shape I’m in/I’ll find a way to shine again”.  May this track be an encouragement to you as you’re combing through this record.

The album just feels so raw and so honest as Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown wrote the book on staying true to your own roots in the track “Rise”.  Tyler certainly offers a tip of the cap to blues artists such as Gary Clark Jr. and Stevie Ray Vaughan as I immediately felt the blues licks and can definitely sense that him and the band certainly had a blast playing this track.

“Truth and Lies” offers hope for the listener and it definitely is an album that shows that “we’re not changing for anyone”, which makes for some of the most raw and organic music out there.  Madness To Creation offers an 8 out of 10 star rating plus a bonus star for Tyler Bryant stepping forward to address his mental health issues, which is something that we are all about here at Madness To Creation.  May this album be used to help you get through the tough times of life and just get lost in the beautiful arrangements and the soul crushing lyrics.  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Shock and Awe
  2.  On To The Next
  3.  Ride
  4.  Shape I’m In
  5.  Eye to Eye
  6.  Panic Button
  7.  Judgement Day
  8.  Drive Me Mad
  9.  Without You
  10.  Trouble
  11.  Out There
  12.  Cry Wolf
  13.  Couldn’t See The Fire

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown has some gigs coming up with The Temperance Movement.  Check out the gig dates below:

Tue. 7/9- Lincoln Hall in Chicago, Illinois

Thu. 7/11- Marquis Theater in Denver, Colorado

Sat. 7/13- The RIDE Festival in Telluride, Colorado

Sun. 7/14- The RIDE Festival in Telluride, Colorado

Fri. 7/19- Mid-America Music Festival in Trenton, Missouri

Sat. 8/17- Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, Kentucky

Wed. 8/21- Blind Tiger in Greensboro, North Carolina

Thu. 8/22- Elevation 27 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Fri. 8/23- Fish Head Cantina in Halethorpe, Maryland

Sat. 8/24- Wolf Den in Montville Center, Connecticut

Sun. 10/13- Exit 111 Fest in Manchester, Tennessee

Wed. 10/30- Mon. 11/4- The KISS Kruise in Miami, Florida

Mon. 12/2- Cafe Julien in Marseille, France

Tue. 12/3- Club Le Transbordeur in Lyon, France

Wed. 12/4- La Poudriere in Belfort, France

Thu. 12/5- Nouveau Casino in Paris, France

Fri. 12/6- TBA in Lille, France

For tickets and further information, click here.

Fans can find Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown at the following locations:




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