Alkaline Trio, early Sum 41, and Filthy Hearts fans gather around, there is a pop punk band out of Broomfield, Colorado that is primed and ready to take over the scene.  And that band is The Swifts with their 2018 release of “All Sunshine”.

The Swifts are a four-piece punk rock band composed of Mike on vocals, Rob on guitar, Jim on bass, and Rich on drums.  They recruited famed guitarist Ahrue Luster(Ill Nino, Machine Head) to produce “All Sunshine”.

The first three songs entitled “Snappy”, “Normal”, and “All Sunshine” takes the listener back to the days of Tony Hawk Pro Skater with high energy arrangements and back to the days where skateboard/street punk blasted through the boomboxes.  When I think of these three songs off the bat, I think infectious, high energy, and pulsating rhythms.  Mike has such a stellar punk voice that has a quality pitch with a bit of that punk snarl that we should expect while Rob just absolutely rips on the guitar and Jim and Rich drive it home with such a smooth rhythm section.

The tracks “October Sky” and “I Will Be There” showcases harmony which can be found in kind of a throwback surf punk music type of feel.  I envision street kids with their skateboards and surfboards grooving with this in the background to the soundtrack of their lives.

The Swifts are quite an atypical punk rock band.  Usually, we expect three chords out of a typical pop punk band(in which I’ve argued that punk music is just oldies music sped up and chocked full of attitude).  They’e atypical in the sense that there are guitar solos, swift(see what I did there) changes in the chords and has some progression in the arrangements.

Summer is halfway gone and The Swifts would love to be the soundtrack to your carefree summer.  I am a sucker for infectious songs with driving guitars and The Swifts have whet my appetite for this.  Madness To Creation thoroughly enjoys this release with a 9 out of 10 star rating.  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Snappy
  2.  Normal
  3.  All Sunshine
  4.  October Sky
  5.  I Will Be There
  6.  Sing
  7.  Blackout
  8.  In Name Only
  9.  Zombie
  10.  One More Drink

Fans can find THE SWIFTS at the following locations:

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