There is something exciting about a band that is starting to cut their teeth.  They have that passion and zeal to win fans over, which reminds me what music is about.  Music is about passion, creativity, and just letting out what one needs to let out at that exact moment in time.  This is where Buffalo, New York’s own CANETIS comes in, a brand spanking new band that has a new single fresh out of the oven to unleash on whoever is ready to listen.  CANETIS has recently released their single for “Warning Call” via Soundcloud.

CANETIS is composed of Brendan Hoare on lead vocals, John Greenan on drums/backup vocals, Mike Butler on guitar, Matt Sacha on guitar, and Matt Broconier on bass.  Formed in 2018, Canetis released their single for “Warning Call” this month and plan on releasing their debut EP in November.  They even have their first gig coming up!

Sometimes reviewing music can be a chore to do as it seems like a lot of it has been done and have that overwhelming sense of predictability.  However, I’m thankful for bands like Canetis to come around because for their first single they have seemed to have created something fresh for the listener.  The single starts with the crashing of cymbals and some really cool guitar harmonics played by Butler and Sacha.  If you listen closely, you can feel the little intricacies in the guitar arrangements that provide shoegaze elements, and Hoare comes in with his raspy vocals that seem to really fit in nicely with this brand new band.  After the chorus, Greenan and Broconier become the driving force during the instrumental break into the second verse.  Not to be hypercritical(although it’s my job as a critic), I would like to hear more from the bass during this break as it would have more impact on the song, however, I’m also taking into account that this is a brand new project.  Canetis shows off their progression during the outro with an overall pretty clean guitar solo that is tasty and fits into the project.  I’m one of the few music aficionados that’s not a huge fan of guitar solos, however, they made it clean and nicely done.  However, I felt that the ending was a bit rushed, they had some serious momentum going and it just felt a bit rushed as they finished off in the song.  Take what I just said however you want to, I’m just saying I was really grooving to that part and just wish that they held on to that groove for just a bit longer.

Overall, I listened to this single several times in a row and it was a very enjoyable listen.  I was able to pick up on different nuances and pieces with each part of the track throughout these listens, and that shows me that Canetis has something interesting developing throughout this project.  “Warning Call” served as a tasty appetizer before the main course and it was enough to entice me to get the main dish, which is their upcoming EP.  I see this band growing and developing into something that will be enjoyable and cathartic for the listener to jam out to.  Job well done Canetis, as with their first single, they’ve held my attention more than a lot of bands have on Madness To Creation.  I give this track a solid 8 out of 10 stars.

On Friday, July 19th, Canetis has a gig at Nietzsche’s in Buffalo, New York with Smug and Hundred Plus Club.  For tickets and information on the gig, click here.

Fans can find CANETIS at the following locations:

Fans can also pick up the single on all major platforms including Apple Music and Spotify!

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