Editor’s Note:  Today is a big day in The Coolies camp(no not because they interviewed with Madness To Creation), but they have released their self-titled EP entitled “Uh-Oh…It’s The Coolies”.  It is not just your regular, run of the mill release, this release is special because 100% of the proceeds will be going towards research for ALS(which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  The Coolies are a punk/alt trio composed of Palmyra Delran, Kim Shattuck, and Melanie Vammen.  Those members are also in the groups The Muffs, Pandoras, and Friggs.  Fans can find The Coolies on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ItsTheCoolies

Madness To Creation:  What led to the idea of this garage rock supergroup?

Kim Shattuck: We thought we’d like to be in a band together and then we did it.

Palmyra Delran: We recognized the musical chemistry that we have together.


Tell us the importance of women leading the charge in the punk/garage rock scene.

Melanie Vammen: Just be yourself, follow your passion and always stay true to what you believe in.


What led to the idea of combating ALS?

Kim Shattuck: It runs on my dad’s side of the family and it would be amazing to find a cure for my relatives and everybody else who gets it!


Are you going to bring back the ice bucket challenge?  If not, then what are you going to do to promote this worthy cause?

Kim Shattuck: it’s super incredibly difficult to throw water and ice on yourself and you should just give money to pay for the amazing scientists who are looking to get it cured!

Palmyra Delran: The ice bucket challenge was fantastic to bring awareness to ALS but writing a check to research a cure feels even more fantastic.


One song off of the EP that we should add to our Spotify playlist and why?

Palmyra Delran: “Uh Oh!” is super catchy. I love them all – and Kim’s lyrics are a cool combination of introspective, smart & comical. It seems like everyone who has heard it has a different favorite!


This site is geared towards mental health awareness, what comes to mind when you hear the words “mental health awareness”?

Kim Shattuck: What it means to me is the way you deal with everything and stay more fit for your life!


What wellness steps do you take to keep yourself balanced from a mental health perspective?

Palmyra Delran: Listen to and play music, hang with my good pals, and pamper my dog.


Message that you have for those that are struggling as caregivers of those that are battling ALS or other diseases?

Kim Shattuck: You are a phenomenal hero to be a caregiver and you should be proud of yourself. But people, you are going to have to live too! Do something for you now!


What is the big plan for The Coolies for the rest of the year?

Melanie Vammen: To have people hear our songs! Have fun listening to us! We loved recording it and will be working on more!

Palmyra Delran: Yes – We’re already thinking about round 2…


What else would you like to add in regards to the band?

Melanie Vammen: I love us! I hope you do too!

And there you have it!  Check out the EP via Spotify!

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