Out of the industrial/nu-metal era of the late 90’s early 2000’s, Dope is probably the most grimy and the most dirty out of all of the bands.  They had such an edge about them that if you stood too close to them you’d be cut into smithereens like a rusty razorblade.  Dope provided support for Static X(RIP Wayne Static) and DevilDriver on the 20th Anniversary of “Wisconsin Death Trip” tour.

Their songs are filthy and grimy, like so filthy you need to see a doctor and take a bath in oatmeal kind of filthy while getting leeches to suck out the poison kind of filthy, yet Dope is immersed in talent.  Their songs are meant to send shockwaves to your system, yet you can’t help but be at attention when Dope is on stage.  Dope ripped through songs from their set as they sang family friendly songs such as “Blood Money”, “Die MF Die” and their amazing cover of “You Spin Me Round(Like A Record)” by Dead Or Alive.  This crowd got everyone amped up in anticipation for DevilDriver and Static X.  Here is the setlist:

  1.  Blood Money
  2.  6-6 Sick
  3.  Bring It On
  4.  Die MF Die
  5.  I’m Back
  6.  Sick
  7.  Burn
  8.  Addiction
  9.  You Spin Me Round(Like A Record) (Dead Or Alive cover)
  • Photo Credit:  Kim Casper at Garden State Band Connection

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DOPE has several gigs left providing support for Static X.  Check out the dates below:

Tue. 7/23- The Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado

Thu. 7/25- The Observatory in Santa Ana, California

Fri. 7/26- Catch One in Los Angeles, California

Sat. 7/27- House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada

For tickets and further information, click here.

Fans can find DOPE at the following locations:



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