Editor’s Note:  Brooklyn based punk/alternative quartet BIG CHEESE will be releasing their record “Wild To Be Born” on September 13th.  To coincide with this release, Big Cheese takes a swipe at those who did wrong in relationships with their single entitled “Golden”, which they released via SoundCloud.  The band mixes grunge with a new wave vibe with a bit of garage punk feel to it.  The Brooklyn band previously released their albums entitled “Loose Teeth” and “Supersonic Nothing”.  Adam Patten of Big Cheese shares his playlist exclusively with Madness To Creation.  Fans can find Big Cheese at the following locations:




We all like so many different kinds of music, but this playlist is made up of songs that have influenced us as we grew up and became musicians so you will notice it’s from a general time period, the 90’s. We would’ve loved this playlist as kids, yet we still flip our wigs to every song on it now.   – Big Cheese

Big Cheese has a couple of gigs coming up.  Check out the dates below:

Thu. 7/25- The Footlight in Ridgewood, New York

Thu. 8/15- 11th Street Bar in New York, New York

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