What a way to close out this gem of a festival as legendary group America, War, and Edgar Winter Band adorned the stage to close out the festival.  Their music brought unity, peace, and harmony as they festival crowd was treated to messages and songs that turned back the time to the glory days of yesteryear where daisy chains, messages of hope and love, and tremendous storytelling and musicianship dominated the AM/FM radio airwaves.  Edgar Winter Band took the stage.

Who can forget those memorable arrangements and guitar riffs that got Edgar Winter Band going in the 1970’s?  We all remember the riffs to hits such as “Frankenstein”, the later to be Rick Derringer classic “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo”, and “Tobacco Road”.  Edgar Winter Band definitely had some wizardry going on in their set because it didn’t take no time for the crowd to move and groove to their set.  They sounded as tight as ever, so tight that I’m going to find the nearest record store and pick up the classic “White Trash” album.

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Legendary group WAR took the stage as well.  Fans might have heard their song “Why Can’t We Be Friends” on various commercial placements these days and their monster jam “Lowrider”.  War absolutely showed why they are the pioneers of funk rock with their set.  Founder and frontman Lonnie Jordan was ability to hold the festival crowd into the palm of his hand with his charisma, his stunning voice, and his gifted ability to perform and to engage a crowd into singalongs.  I argue that WAR stole the festival on Sunday with their jams and their feelgood vibes.  War is certainly made for festivals such as The Great South Bay Music Festival.

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Lastly, legendary singer/songwriter group America took the stage.  America defined AM radio in the 1970’s with their brilliant storytelling, lush melodies, and arrangements that were filled with harmony.  They had the audience in wonderful singalongs with songs such as “Sister Golden Hair”, “Ventura Highway”, and their all-time classic “Horse With No Name”.  America is that band where you gather around a campfire with your friends and jam out to their music as the embers dance in the moonlight.  America was a most perfect way to close out The Great South Bay Music Festival.

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  • Photography Credit:  Crios Photography for America, War, and Edgar Winter Group

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