Find Your Anchor, a grassroots movement aimed at suicide prevention, awareness and education, has announced its second official benefit concert, set to take place on from to 10PM on MondayAugust 12 at Ovation in ChicagoIL. Tickets are available now for $80: All proceeds will benefit Find Your Anchor.
The benefit concert will feature an open bar courtesy of Revolution Brewing, food vendors, a performance by The Hacky Turtles, surprise guests and speakers, and more. Last year’s concert raised $6,000 for the organization.
The physical form of Find Your Anchor is a small blue box packed with various materials designed to inspire, soothe and offer support. These boxes are then planted in public places (the library, the Vegas strip, etc.) to be found by those in need; specifically, those close to suicide in one way or another. The boxes are intended to be organic in the sense that each person can add to the box their own inspiration and anchors before passing it along. These boxes are meant to feel curated and even kismet, and can be ordered on-demand on the Find Your Anchor website for someone who needs them.
Recently, Find Your Anchor was featured on Mashable. Founder Ali Borowsky spoke about her mission with the blue boxes and how she hopes to spread the message to those struggling that no one is truly ever alone.
The boxes are free for those in need and the organization runs solely on donations. 
Find Your Anchor has seen a recent increase in the demand for boxes, and currently are at a demand of 4,400 boxes and counting.  Proceeds from the benefit concert will help the organization get boxes out to everyone in need who has requested one. Learn more about Find Your Anchor at
Last year, Find Your Anchor was awarded the Songs That Saved My Life Grant from Hopeless Records: The premise behind the nonprofit is that each person needs an anchor, according to Ali. They encourage people to “Establish an anchor – a dependable, stable, secure base that you can hold on to, one that keeps you firmly planted, no matter what winds or storms may come.”
Speaking to the concept of Find Your Anchor, Ali said, “Find Your Anchor is that reason to fight. It’s 52+ Reasons to Live when you can’t even think of one. It’s that list of resources in your pocket, reminding you there are people all over the country waiting to listen. It’s a reminder that you’re not alone. That there is hope. An endless amount of gratitude and thanks to Hopeless Records for this opportunity – to really grow this movement and get more boxes into the world and in the hands of those struggling.”
Event Details:
Find Your Anchor Benefit Concert
Date: Monday, August 12th, 2019
Venue: Ovation Chicago | 2324 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60612
Time: 7-10PM
For More Information, Please Visit: 

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