Contributor’s Note: Episode 38 of The Don’s Hit List Podcast is now available with Sohrab Habibion (Edsel, Obits, Savak). Sohrab and I go through the goosebump moments in the Edsel album “Techniques Of Speed Hypnosis”. This album affected me greatly in the 90s as a complete album. This was surreal to go through an album with the artist who helped to create it.

Sohrab and I discuss the early days when members of Edsel and Jawbox shared living quarters. The bands influenced each other as well as the music they were listening to at the time such as Killing Joke: Official and Joy Division.

“Techniques Of Speed Hypnosis” was recorded in Liverpool, UK and the ghosts of the music legends of the city filtered into the inspiration. Sohrab is also a fan of literature and there are several works from authors who helped to mold the creative process.




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