This Friday, this beast of a record entitled “Atonement” by Killswitch Engage will be unleashed to the metal masses.  This powerful record exemplifies why they have been the torchbearers of the metalcore world from their inception.  This record punishes, destroys, and engulfs your soul while drying your tears in the same motion.

In this record, Jesse Leach bares his soul, strips it naked, and allows this naked soul to be transparent for the world to examine and see in its collection of songs.  His soul in his lyrics all spiritual, filled with light, yet have some scars in songs such as the title track “Atonement”, “I Am Broken Too”, and “I Can’t Be The Only One”.  There is some significant pain in the lyrics, yet the lyrics is medicine for the soul of the listener as Jesse talks about feeling broken from a relationship(which he was), going through anxiety and depression(which he does) and overcoming obstacles(which he has done).  There is something about his lyrics and voice that serves as a cleanser for a soul that feels lost or broken.  The lyrics and music feel desperate, urgent, and powerful all in the same breath.  “I keep making the same mistakes/just to feel alive again/it’s the only way to break on through”, Jesse sings in “I Am Broken Too”, this song particularly serves as a deep connection to mental health awareness and to reach out for our loved ones.  This is just ONE example on how Killswitch Engage makes their music completely relatable across all genres of music.

There are some genuinely heavy moments that bring the listener back to the “Vide Infra” or “Alive Or Just Breathing” days.  “The Signal Fire” and “The Crownless King” offers some punishing riffs that guitarists Joel Stroezel and Adam Dutkiewicz offers up in these tracks.  Their riffs are able to encapsulate those struggles and getting through the obstacles and challenges that the listener may be going through.  These two are definitely the most underappreciated twin guitar attack out there as they are able to intertwine their riffs so effortlessly.  Mike D’Antonio and Justin Foley definitely round out the rhythm section with their punishing bass lines and drum fills making this band one of the tightest bands in the world in terms of musicianship.  Plus, I’m surprised the universe didn’t spontaneously combust when Howard Jones joined Jesse Leach on “The Signal Fire”.  Now KSE fans, stop debating on who’s better, they both kick ass for this band!

Through brokenness and when life feels so fleeting, people are going to ball up their fists and rise their fists in unison over this album.  People will also be clenching their hearts with their hands through the poignant and transforming lyrics that the band provides, because this music makes you feel the rawness and power that the band offers in “Atonement”.  Killswitch Engage has offered their most powerful release since “As Daylight Dies” with “Atonement”.  Madness To Creation rates this a 10/10 stars as this will not be leaving our stereo for a long time.  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Atonement
  2.  The Signal Fire
  3.  Us Against The World
  4.  The Crownless King
  5.  I Am Broken Too
  6.  As Sure As The Sun Will Rise
  7.  Know Your Enemy
  8.  Take Control
  9.  Ravenous
  10.  I Can’t Be The Only One
  11.  Bite The Hand That Feeds

Killswitch Engage will be performing the Exit 111 Festival in Manchester, Tennessee before embarking on a European tour this winter.  Check out the tour dates.

Friday, 10/11 Exit 111 Festival in Manchester, Tennessee

Mon. 10/14- Mary Chapman Court in Norwich, United Kingdom

Tue. 10/15- Studio 7 Academy CIC in Bristol, United Kingdom

Thu. 10/17- Barrowland in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Fri. 10/18- Manchester Academy 2 in Manchester, United Kingdom

Sat. 10/19- O2 Academy in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sun. 10/20- Brixton Academy in London, United Kingdom

Tue. 10/22- AB Cafe in Brussels, Belgium

Wed. 10/23- Melkweg Oude Zaal in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fri. 10/25- Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany

Sat. 10/26- Huxelys in Berlin, Germany

Mon. 10/28- The Circus in Helsinki, Finland

Wed. 10/30- Fryhuset Gymmet in Stockholm, Sweden

Thu. 10/31- Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway

Fri. 11/1- Nojesfabriken in Karlstad, Sweden

Sat. 11/2- Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark

Mon. 11/4- klub Stodola in Warsaw, Poland

Tue. 11/5- Werk 2 in Leipzig, Germany

Wed. 11/6- Tonhalle in Munich, Germany

Fri. 11/8- Les Docs in Lausanne, Switzerland

Sat. 11/9- Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland

Sun. 11/10- Loewensaal in Nuremberg, Germany

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find KILLSWITCH ENGAGE at the following locations:


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