If you want an album that is screaming, in-your-face, all out brutality, then go pick up SANCTION’S debut record entitled “Broken In Refraction”, which came out July 26th via Pure Noise Records.

From songs such as “The Final Fraction”, “Radial Lacerations”,  and “Conscious In A Coma”, this album is not for the faint of heart, for your grandmother, or for the church choir down the street.  The songs crush spine, paralyze spirits, and leave you in a pool of blood with their hard hitting riffs, insane breakdowns and a vocalist that is relentless.

The song “Paralysis” has some early Norma Jean meets early The Amity Affliction and if Wayne Static had anger management issues feel to it.  It is so raw that there’s still residue of blood left on the track and the video captures that dark and brooding imagination that something ominous is about to happen.

Sanction will hold their own in the underground hardcore scene.  I give them a 9/10 stars!  Here is the track listing below:

1.  …An Empty Thought

2.  The Final Fraction

3.  Paralysis

4.  Answers From A Syringe

5.  Radial Lacerations

6.  Mirror Syndrome

7.  Conscious In A Coma

8.  Infants In Plastic

9.  Cordia

10.  Shattering Man

11.  Creation…

Sanction is currently on tour providing support for Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Counterparts, and Year of the Knife.  Check out the remaining dates below.

Fri. 8/16- Paper Tiger in San Antonio, Texas

Sat. 8/17- Trees in Dallas, Texas

Sun. 8/18- Come and Take It Live in Austin, Texas

Tue. 8/20- Encore in Tucson, Arizona

Wed. 8/21- Vinyl in Las Vegas, Nevada

Fri. 8/23- Soma in San Diego, California

Sat. 8/24- Observatory in Santa Ana, California

For tickets and further information on the “Pure Noise” Tour, click here.

Fans can find SANCTION at the following locations:




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