Editor’s Note:  This list was the most fun I have ever done.  I love Killswitch Engage so much that in celebration of “Atonement”, Madness To Creation wanted to compile a list of Top 99 Most Fine Killswitch Engage Numbers!  The list ranges from everything from their original self-titled album to “Alive Or Just Breathing” to everything in between.  This is purely a subjective list, I did not take into consideration of how big the hit was or anything like that.  Go pick up “Atonement” today and here is the list, going from 99 to 1.  

99.   And Embers Rise(The End of Heartache)- kind of getting annoyed with these interludes that don’t fit the album at all especially when it leads into “Wasted Sacrifice”

98.  A Light In A Darkened World(Killswitch Engage Howard edition)- too polished. Again.  I remember being so amped up when they debuted this single on the Revolver Golden Gods awards show and my immediate response after watching their performance live was “well that was a let down”.  I guess even the greatest band in the world can’t bat 1.000(in baseball terms).  

97.  The Return(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- kind of a momentum killer of their second self-titled album.  It’s one of those songs if it was done by any other band it would be a hit but it just didn’t connect with fans.

96.  Be One(As Daylight Dies Special Edition)- On the special edition, it just felt like a filler that was thrown in there on a special edition of “As Daylight Dies”.

95.  The Reckoning(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- sounds formula based but this song is a blueprint on how Howard Jones is probably the most influential voice in metalcore along with Jesse Leach.

94.  I Would Do Anything(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- The chorus kind of loses me, but like it when it hits hard.  You’re probably gathering that I wasn’t a big fan of 2009 self-titled.

93.  Rise Inside(Alive Or Just Breathing)- just kind of felt like filler, just didn’t do much, although the rhythm section was powerful in this one. Just could’ve done more.

92.  Take Me Away(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- Very melodic track, and it would’ve done well on a mainstream rock station if promoted.

91.  Inhale(The End of Heartache)- love the interlude but it felt so out of place leading into “Breathe Life”, and unlike Bill Clinton, Killswitch Engage inhaled.

90.  This Is Goodbye(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- very melodic track in the chorus.  Just kind of forgettable. The introduction saves this song to make it an enjoyable listen.

89.  Let The Bridges Burn(As Daylight Dies Special Edition)- One of the four bonus tracks off of “As Daylight Dies”, has a sludge feel to it, again just feels like filler.

88.  Ascension(Incarnate)- a decent mid-tempo jam to rock out to(well until the chorus), the clean vocals during the chorus throws off the urgency some in the song, would’ve loved to have heard just screaming to make it more emotive.

87.  Slave To The Machine(Disarm The Descent)- Seems to be a jab at record companies, an effective way to close out “Disarm The Descent”

86.  Bite The Hand That Feeds(Atonement)- a solid way to close the album!  It starts off brutal and “Atonement” ends brutal to close out this amazing record.

85.  To The Sons Of Man(Alive Or Just Breathing)- While this song was a headbanger, it cuts off too soon for my liking.

84.  Time Will Not Remain(Disarm The Descent)- The screams are effective, the chorus just falls a little flat though

83.  Numb Sick Eyes(Killswitch Engage Jesse Edition)- heavy song, but didn’t do much for me as a listener.

82.  The Forgotten(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- The first verse is solid, but it sounds too polished, not enough rawness that KSE made patented.

81.  Declaration(The End of Heartache)- Overall a tasty jam to rock out to the whole way through.

80.  Without A Name(Alive Or Just Breathing)- beautiful interlude in Alive Or Just Breathing.  However, it should flow with the album and structure of the album.  If they would’ve put this before The Element of One, it would’ve been much more powerful.

79.  We Carry On(Incarnate)- kind of reminds me of “Desperate Times” off of “As Daylight Dies”, not that it’s a horrible thing, just have to be in the right mood to jam this song.

77.  Ravenous(Atonement)- this track grows on you with each listen!  I love tracks like that that have multiple layers to unpack.

76.  Desperate Times(As Daylight Dies)- one of those songs I have to be in the right mood to listen to, it’s a highly emotive song though, the pain is gripping in the song especially when they use Jesus’s crucifixion as a symbol for their pain.

75.  I Can’t Be The Only One(Atonement)- “I gotta believe that things will change” then kicks into a wonderful guitar solo is the highlight of this song, it’s what saves this song ultimately

74.  Daylight Dies(As Daylight Dies)- The intro is powerful, but the song loses a bit of momentum after that sick intro then it picks up again at the bridge.  Still a quality way to introduce “As Daylight Dies”.

73.  Never Again(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- Heavy intro. Just overall a clean sound from the band.  Their second self-titled album gets a lot of flak, but this is a great way to introduce the album.

72.  Still Beats Your Name(As Daylight Dies)- Adam D’s clean singing in the bridge makes this a powerful song and sends chills down my spine.

71.  Alone I Stand(Incarnate)- the song kicks in during the bridge especially.  Solid way to kick off “Incarnate”.

70.  World Ablaze(The End of Heartache)- the outro makes this song.

69.  No End In Sight(Disarm The Descent)- Blistering track where verses make the song, kind of wish the chorus packed a little bit of a stronger punch.

68.  For You(As Daylight Dies)- Adam D and Joel stand out like a fried chicken corsage on prom night with the guitar licks.  The bridge is a monster!

67.  Hope Is(The End of Heartache)- Adds that sludge element to this song.  Definitely a crowd favorite back in the day and I can see why.  Would love to see this band bust it out at their live show.  I think I broke a glass once jamming out to this song.

66.  Blood Stains(Disarm The Descent Deluxe Edition)- One of the heaviest circle pit inducing anthems out there.  Would be cool to hear KSE bust out this song on a live setting.

65.  Wasted Sacrifice(The End of Heartache)- Overall a solid song.  The chorus stands out “There is no forever/just today”

64.  You Don’t Bleed For Me(Disarm The Descent)- powerful bridge, and Mike D’Antonio shines like a wizard on the bass in this song

63.  Lost(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- The chorus almost sounds poppy, the bridge has such a nice build to it.  The guitars are powerful during the bridge, overall a nice ballad-y song from Killswitch Engage that showed a different dynamic in the band.

62.  Just Barely Breathing(Alive Or Just Breathing)- highly emotive midtempo song, really showcases Jesse’s emotions that he conveys in the song.

61.  Know Your Enemy(Atonement)- my interpretation is talking about how the media divides us and distracts us, we should know that the media is our enemy.

60.  Reignite(Incarnate)- a song that if it was on the original self-titled album it would’ve fit in with “Vide Infra” and “Soilborn” perfectly. It really shows some old-school grit.

59.  Starting Over(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- a solid track, that’s it. It was the first single off of the second self-titled album.  I remember marking out when I saw the video on VH1 and thought this would put them at the forefront into mainstream rock.

58.  The Call(Disarm The Descent)- the rhythm section sounds like machine guns, it feels so good to hear KSE get back to their roots with “Disarm The Descent”

57.  Rusted Embrace(Killswitch Engage Jesse Edition)- the clean vocals and screams in the chorus showed that KSE was ready to become this groundbreaking band that we all love, and I love the sludge appeal to it after the first chorus

56.  Embrace The Journey…Upraised(Incarnate)- KSE sounding epic(overused term I know) but the last 90 seconds of the song grips at the heartstrings.  It’s a song you have to be patient to get through at first though.

55.  Breathe Life(The End of Heartache)- a positive uplifting song and a headbanger

54.  Eye of the Storm(As Daylight Dies)- Catchy as all get out chorus makes this song.  Probably the one Howard song I could sing with somewhat accuracy to tone and pitch.

53.  Until The Day(Incarnate)- solid track the whole way through.  A great song about overcoming obstacles, and the transition between chorus to bridge is unreal.

52.  Unbroken(As Daylight Dies)- Overall a solid song.  A great song about getting through tough times.  Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

51.  All We Have(Disarm The Descent)- a great mix of hardcore two step with an emotive chorus

50.  The Great Deceit(Incarnate)- A song about division in politics and how the media feeds us lies to divide us.  Very angry, feel like telling this band they’re just showing off now

49.  Loyalty(Incarnate)- Loyalty- Powerful.  That’s all I got, most perfect way to close out “Incarnate”!

48.  The Crownless King(Atonement)- powerful and it feels like Jesse got even deeper in his vocals!

47.  Temple From The Within(Killswitch Engage Jesse Edition)- solid song about finding that inner strength

46.  A Bid Farewell(The End of Heartache)- a great way to introduce Howard Jones to the band after Jesse Leach left the band. 

45.  Hate By Design(Incarnate)- Tasty sexy guitar solo by Adam D, hardcore inducing while baked in sweet goodness

44.  Triumph Through Tragedy(Disarm The Descent)- when he screams “Never Give In”, that was piercing my soul

43.  Take Control (Atonement)- The bridge takes this song to another level and Adam D’s guitar solo is a metalcore essential.

42.  In The Unblind(Killswitch Engage Jesse Edition)-one of the more emotional songs off of their original self-titled record.  Perfect song for those that is into that “two-step hardcore dancing” in the pit

41.  Quiet Distress (Incarnate)- The bridge and the trade off between the screams and clean vocals is a beautiful trade off.  Highly emotive song, on a side note, how does Joel and Adam D come up with so many innovative riffs?

40.  Us Against The World(Atonement)- This song exemplifies what it means to take no prisoners.  That guitar riff that kicks in with the chorus knocks me out of my chair.

39.  Life To Lifeless(Alive Or Just Breathing)- Adam D and Joel shine in this song.  I’ve always felt this song would’ve done well if it was just hardcore the whole time, needs a stronger chorus but the verses make up for it along with the sick breakdowns.

38.  Holy Diver(As Daylight Dies Special Edition)- Originally done by Dio.  Took a very difficult song and made it their own.  That takes talent.

37.  The Hell In Me(Disarm The Descent)- perfect way to bring back Jesse Leach! 

36.  In A Dead World(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- This reminds me of “Reject Yourself”, the very beginning anyways.  Very anthemic. A strong way to close out an otherwise forgettable album. I used to basically go straight to this song after “Save Me” on my CD player.

35.  Cut Me Loose(Incarnate)- sludgy in parts and Jesse’s vocal prowess certainly shows prowess between his clean singing and screaming.  Him and Adam D showcasing some harmony provides that umbrella in the cocktail that is Cut Me Loose!

34.  Irreversal(Killswitch Engage Jesse Edition)- the drum kicks sound like if it was kicking a pair of testicles a vasectomy would’ve occurred

33.  The Signal Fire(Atonement)- brutal.  This band is here to stay.  This is the track to let me know that they killed it with “Atonement”.  Plus Jesse and Howard on vocals!

32.  This Fire (As Daylight Dies Special Edition)- CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk!  Perfect entrance music for CM Punk! I remember WWE crowds singing the chorus at the top of their lungs.

31.  Vide Infra(Killswitch Engage Jesse Edition)-  raw power, and the bridge with the breakdown is so disgusting that happy puke ensues everywhere.  Jesse sounds wonderful in this song too.  An updated version is also off the “Alive Or Just Breathing” record.

30.  Soilborn(Killswitch Engage Jesse Edition)- Hardcore gang vocals and killer bass done by Mike D! 

29.  Prelude(Killswitch Engage Jesse Edition)-  I wish this band did this on every album, a jam session that fits into the album.  Really shows the prowess of this band that something major was brewing. Bleeds into Soilborn really well.

28.  My Life For Yours(The End of Heartache Deluxe Edition)- Bonus track on “The End of Heartache”.  For a bonus track, which is usually an album filler, it knocked me off of my feet!

27.  The New Awakening(Disarm The Descent)- Wasn’t sure about this track but it grows on me with each listen, there’s little things I pick up each time I listen to this song.  Now it’s one of the best out there!

26.  Turning Point(Disarm The Descent)- the chorus ignites me every time!

25.  Save Me(Killswitch Engage Howard Edition)- This is the best track on 2009 self-titled record.  Who can forget that cheesy claymation video that they released?  “FISHING IS FOR WUSSIES”

24.  Just Let Go(Incarnate)-  The double kick sounds like machine guns, and the chorus is absolutely strong.  I can tell Jesse was going through some stuff. The guitar work is phenomenal throughout this track.

23.  Numbered Days(Alive Or Just Breathing)- This is Babylon!  FALL!!!! From the inception of “Alive Or Just Breathing” you immediately knew that this band was destined for greatness.

22.  My Last Serenade(Alive Or Just Breathing)- This song is so emotional, just a punch in the gut.  Jesse Leach shines in the chorus. The outro is beautiful!

21.  When Darkness Falls(The End of Heartache)- When darkness falls/we are reborn/our dreams since the fall of man/we are reborn that is all about the chorus.  It hits you hard!

20.  It Falls On Me(Incarnate)- when the guitars kick in during the bridge and it’s one of those songs where you just close your eyes and really try to listen to what message Jesse is conveying, you end up having watery eyes.  Frisson everywhere over this song.

19.  This Is Absolution(As Daylight Dies)- LOVE this song!  “We will not die this way/this is absolution/death claims us no more/no more/do not grieve/end the suffering/we will live/we’re eternal”, if this isn’t the anthem of all anthems.  This song really showcased that KSE is growing up before our eyes.

18.  Reject Yourself(As Daylight Dies)- This song takes you on a journey to love on humanity and to find it within yourself to help make this world a better place.  The bridge that Howard sings is so powerful.

17.   In Due Time(Disarm The Descent)- the first single that brought the return of Jesse Leach to the KSE fold.  I can’t think of a better song to do that. It has shown Jesse’s growth as a vocalist and KSE going back to their roots.

16.  Always(Disarm The Descent)- This is the closest they got to a major mainstream rock hit.  This song hits people hard in a good way. It’s gotten a lot of people I know through tough times.

15.  I Am Broken Too(Atonement)- this song grows on me with each listen.  Should become a major mainstream rock hit.  We are all broken and we all need to lean on each other when times get difficult.

14.  Unleashed(Atonement)- The first song off of “Atonement” is a monster!  You can tell that Jesse is pouring every single of pent up anger into this song.

13.  Strength Of The Mind(Incarnate)- This is an amazing song about perseverence.  “I’ve seen rock bottom/and I smashed my fist against it/just keep telling yourself it’ll be alright” – Wow!

12.  Self-Revolution(Alive Or Just Breathing)- In this search for I and I, truth is always deep inside.  That song lyric hits me right in-between the eyes every time.

11.  The Element of One(Alive Or Just Breathing)- The most underrated KSE song of all-time.  The bridge might get you choked up a bit. It’s full of love.

10.  Take This Oath(The End of Heartache)- THOSE GUITAR RIFFS that hit around the 30 second mark.  Extremely powerful chorus. I knew Killswitch Engage was going to be all-right after hearing this song. 

9.  The End of Heartache(The End of Heartache)- This song got me into the band.  That perfect blend of clean and screaming vocals. Howard Jones’ shows so much power in this song.  Can’t forget about the rhythm section being the driving force of this song though.

8.  As Sure As The Sun Will Rise(Atonement)- The chorus just knocks me on my patootie.  When I was reviewing this album, it was so hard to get to the next song cause I kept repeating this song.

7.  A Tribute To The Fallen(Disarm The Descent)- This chorus is powerful beyond words.  It hits you hard, Justin Foley is a monster on the drums in this track especially!

6.  Fixation On The Darkness(Alive Or Just Breathing)- THAT DAMN INTRO!!!!!! The serene chorus!  This is THE PERFECT KILLSWITCH ENGAGE SONG!

5.  The Arms of Sorrow(As Daylight Dies)- This is biased, but this song has gotten me through difficult times.  Howard Jones shines so much in this song and Adam D’s backup vocals add a special element to it.

4.  Rose of Sharyn(The End of Heartache)- This heartfelt song about Howard’s mother passing away has impacted a generation.  Adam D’s vocals during the bridge take on a whole new dimension in this song.

3.  My Curse(As Daylight Dies)- From the first note, you knew this song was special, little did I know when I first heard it it would take me on a euphoric journey where I’m feeling every emotion that the band is conveying.

2.  Break The Silence(As Daylight Dies)- This song is a personal anthem of mine!  It makes you feel like you can chop down mountains with the edge of your hand(sorry Jimi)

  1. Beyond The Flames- The way it picks up after each chorus drives me insane in the most beautiful way!  Those subtle changes is KSE power folks! The chorus drives me wild too!  The bridge and it kicking into the chorus sends shivers in places I didn’t know I could get shivers!

Check out our review of “Atonement” if you haven’t done so.  I genuinely hope you enjoyed the list!  Madness To Creation wanted to give you a little piece of me as the editor of the site to show you that the music of Killswitch Engage has helped me get through some difficult times in my life.  I remember weeping to my sleep on several occasions when “The Arms of Sorrow” was playing.  Keep in mind when we made this list, we didn’t configure album sales, where the album charted, or how many hits/streams it has on YouTube or Spotify.  Find Killswitch Engage at http://www.killswitchengage.com

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