Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Samantha Aurelio is premiering her brand new single entitled “Learn The Hard Way” via Apple Music and Spotify with Madness To Creation.  She will be celebrating her single release with a gig live at The Study in Hollywood, California at 8:30 PST.

Here is what Samantha Aurelio had to say about the single:

The song is called Learn the Hard Way and it is all about embracing your growing pains. We spend so much time bending to ensure the others around us are okay and if we can know the only way around it is through it and trust that we’ll be stronger on the other side then maybe we will be kinder to ourselves through the process.

Mental health is a huge part of my mission and my story so I’m happy to shed some light here. It took a long time in my life to realize that I needed to really take care and love myself before I could love others. That it’s okay to step back and take a minute and that in the dark times finding ways to reconnect with the ground below you. I’ve adopted meditation and lots of deep breathing over the last few years and it’s really changed the game for me. I’ve taken note of when my anxiety attacks happen, how long they last, and what helps pull me out of them.

If I have anything to say it’s that it’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to lean on others. To ask for help. And that I’ve been there and I know it’s not easy. But you are bigger than your anxiety. Your depression. Your sadness. You are not alone and you are okay.- Samantha Aurelio

Fans can find Samantha Aurelio at the following locations:

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