Tomorrow, metal/deathcore band 9 STITCH METHOD will be releasing their album entitled “Jaywalking Somnambulist”.  This album promises to be brutal and showcase a lot of promise in the metal world.  Here is what vocalist Patrick McElravy said about the record and the writing process of “Jaywalking Somnambulist”:

Being a two man band has always been a little weird, especially in our live setting. With this album Josh and I really sat down together and constructed the songs musically from the ground up together this time. We both are the same but very differently musically, and seeing our different influences really mesh and meld together. We crafted ideas and tunes that never would have happened had we done our songs on our own. We really delved in head first together to try and do what was best for the songs. Vocally I’m a lot more comfortable and aware of where I am this time around. I went for more raw emotion instead of trying to wow people. I’ll be upfront, I’m not that great a vocalist, but live my strong suit has always been able to convey how my songs effect me emotionally and I did my best to convey that on record. On the track “Black Sheep” I recorded the screams in the middle of my den, on the floor, having a panic attack and crying. You cant get more real than that aside from me having a mental breakdown on stage. Now for the bass and drums: I began working with a YouTube artist by the name Gus Wallner (aka “You Think Music”) about 2 years ago collaborating. He lives in Brazil and I’m up here in the state of Pennsylvania. We brought Gus on board to write bass and drums and do production on the album. It was great having someone like him who was equally as excited to work on these tracks as we were. The man is a straight up machine. Truly can’t say thank you enough to that crazy mofo for all he has done for us – Patrick McElravy

There are several things that stick out in the ol’ noggin about this upcoming release.  The first thing that comes to mind is the influences that 9 Stitch Method draws from.  When, I listened and examined the opening cut entitled “Lethargic Reason”, it had elements of deathcore mixed with some old school Korn meets old school Marilyn Manson vibe to it.  It sounds apocalyptic while having that groove that would make Fieldy of Korn proud.

The second thing that sticks out to me is the rawness and emotion packed into the 9 Stitch Method sound.  Patrick certainly has an impressive vocal range for this genre and you felt the pain and rawness in tracks such as “Sleep” and “Black Sheep”.  I’m a sucker for the vocals that have raw emotion over trying to sound clean, polished and precise in the studio.  “Subconscious Thoughts” blindsides you with this heavy groove, while switching up tempos and having a melodic chorus.

Lastly, 9 Stitch Method is a two-piece band while also hiring out a YouTube artist out of Brazil for drums and beats.  I honestly thought I was listening to a five piece band that has all the necessary components plus the programming effects into their sound.  It is a full wall of sound that evokes raw emotion and passion in their music.  There is quite a range from an arrangement standpoint between each track on “Jaywalking Somnambulist”.

If you want music sounding so raw that blood is still dripping from the carcass, then tomorrow you need to download or get a copy of “Jaywalking Somnambulist” by 9 Stitch Method.  The tracks are brutal and honest and come from a dark place, which might be enlightening for the listener!  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Lethargic Reason
  2.  Jars
  3.  Sleep
  4.  JD
  5.  Subconscious Thoughts
  6.  Scorn
  7.  Bridge
  8.  Black Sheep
  9.  Ceiling
  10.  The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here

9 Stitch Method has a CD release gig along with another gig coming up!  Check out the gigs below:

Sat. 9/28- Broken Plow Western Martial Arts in Creighton, Pennsylvania

Wed. 10/9- SUB Alpine Society in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania

For tickets and further information, click here.

Fans can find 9 STITCH METHOD at the following locations:

Check out the music video for “Sleep” below:

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