Contributor’s Note:  30 Episodes of the Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast, whooaaaahhh!  Chilled with dem boyz in Tequila Deer, who also happen to make up part of the Church Street Booking crew.  We talked about the origins and the future of Tequila Deer, got a performance from Tequila Deer, and also talked about the Great Pumpkin Fest coming up in October presented by CSD and TD.  Fans can find Tequila Deer at the following locations:

And there you have it!  Check out Church Street Booking at the following locations:

Check out the following gigs booked by Church Street Booking:

Fri. 10/4- Great Pumpkin Fest Pre-Party featuring OK O’Clock, Labour Day Weekend, Sevenity, Seaholm, and Bitchseat at New Way Bar in Ferndale, Michigan

Sat. 10/5- Great Pumpkin Fest featuring Dogleg, Convenient Trash, Teamonade, The Doozers, You Rest You Joy Life, Summerbruise, Antighost, Seaholm, No Fun Club, Bombastic Dream Pussy, Tequila Deer, DOGE, Choral Reef, and Pink Sky at Planet Ant in Hamtramck, Michigan


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