In lieu of a fellow contributor getting the opportunity to interview the one and only almighty Chris Jericho, I thought it would only be right that I share my reaction to the first single from his band’s upcoming album. So this is my first time listening to “Nowhere to Run” by Fozzy off of their upcoming album “2020.”Now I have heard a couple of songs by Fozzy prior to this; I mean, come on, one of my all time favorite professional wrestlers eeevvvvveeerr is in a rock and roll band? Of course I’m going to
check it out.

With the guitars and drums coming in right away, I almost get a weird Three Days Grace vibe. I’m digging it so far. There is a really nice bass line being played as the first verse starts and Jericho’s voice just reminds me that I’m listening to something different than most other stuff I’ve heard. I’m not super crazy about the chorus. I kind of feel like hearing “Nowhere To Run” three times in a row is a little much. This could change on my next couple of listens and I could grow to love it though, because it is really catchy.

I’m actually quite surprised and a little disappointedthere wasn’t any sort of a guitar solo on that track. I feel that could have really upped this track. So now that I have listened to the song, here is my overall take. Musically it is solid, though I can not seem to get away from that Three Days Grace vibe mostly from the guitars. Lyrically, I THINK the song is about having your back against the wall and not being able to see anywhere to go. I’m not sure how right I am on that, but that’s what I get at least from first listen. Overall it
is a really good song that is really catchy and really easy to headbang to.

Grade:  7/10

And there you have it!  Fans can find FOZZY at the following locations:

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