When Madness To Creation thinks of Motorhead, we think of the words unrelenting, unleashed and an all-out sonic assault.  Motorhead is where the band would unite the punk world and the metal world as one.  Motorhead gathered some serious momentum in 1979 with the albums “Overkill” and “Bomber”, and 40 years have passed, and this led to the superfan collection of Motorhead with their “1979 Boxed Set”, which was released this past Friday.

Every show would start off with Motorhead saying, “We are Motorhead and we play rock and roll”.  Truer words were never spoken in the history of music.  Philthy Animal’s drumming would influence a young Lars Ulrich to start up a band.  Their take no prisoners attitude also played a major influence in groups like Pantera, Alice In Chains, and Misfits.  Motorhead just simply ripped, slashed, and

With this boxed set, it is chocked full of goodies that any superfan of Motorhead or New Wave of British Heavy Metal would enjoy as a collector. The boxed set includes the original albums of “Overkill” and “Bomber”, two double-live albums of previously unreleased concert material, a 40-page music magazine that shows unseen photos and fresh interviews, “The Rest of ’79” vinyl, “Overkill” sheet music book, and Motorhead collector patches, which are a necessity for any Motorhead superfan.  Oh, forgot to mention that it’s encased in an all-black biker jacket box, and there’s other goodies not mentioned in “1979 Boxed Set”.

The most special thing about this collection is that it was agreed upon the estates of Lemmy, Fast Eddie, and Philthy Animal.  The double-disc live set shows the band at their most power, which is a great mix of the band with only able to hear the audience at the end of the song.  The live disc set takes you to a sweaty hole in the wall where Motorhead shined the most, where fans are packed tight into a venue and Motorhead slaying it on their instruments.  The cool thing about the double disc set is that you get to hear a cover of “Train Kept A-Rollin'”, and their Pink Floyd influenced song “Metropolis”, well it’s a little bit psychedelic influenced in the beginning but the song kicks into  classic Motorhead fashion.  Motorhead’s banter with the audience is also a highlight on the double-live disc, especially when Lemmy said “We’re fashionable”, although later on in his life, Lemmy would lament on how they sold more t-shirts than music.

This boxed set is affirmation why Motorhead is widely considered one of the most influential bands in metal and punk history.  Their grit, hard work, and their intense live set showed why they were the premiere live band from the first moment to the last moment that they took over that stage.  This boxed set showed their zest for live, their zeal for hard work, and it certainly paid off for Motorhead!  It is a high recommendation for any fan to get.  With this boxed set, you experience Lemmy’s snarl, Philthy Animal putting the engine into overdrive with his drumming, and Fast Eddie hacking away at the guitar like a madman with a chainsaw.  Head into the fastlane into the open road with this boxed set, and you’ll be on one incredible roadtrip with Motorhead being the soundtrack to your greatest adventure!

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