On November 1st, Belgium’s KING HISS released their latest album entitled “Earthquaker”.  This album promises to be an amazing listen for those that love stories within full albums in their metal.

King Hiss’ newest release, Earthquaker, adds to the independent Belgium bands already impressive discography.  The new album features a production overhaul with added layers of synthetic sounds, electronics and samples.  Earthquaker is best listened to in one fell swoop, the rainier and gloomier the metropolis the better.  The album could be the sound track for the next mid-apocolypse, dystopian, man vs. man’s machines movie, telling the story of a crumbling Earth and the revolution that accompanies it, urging global protagonist to ‘stand their ground against the lies of the masses’.  At times Earthquaker can verge on power metal and over production but it’s distinctly Belgium, angry and retains a vocal growl that is uniquely King Hiss with riffs any metal head could appreciate.

Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Critical Failure
  2.  Earthquaker
  3.  Revolt!
  4.  Desertsurfer
  5.  Monolith
  6.  GTWHR
  7.  Kilmister
  8.  Butcher
  9.  Drop Dead Leader
  10.  Vomit
  11.  Black Wolf
  12.  Sum of All Nightmares

Check out the music video for “Revolt!” below:

King Hiss have a few gigs in Netherlands and Belgium coming up.  Check out the gig dates below:

Fri. 11/15- De Pit in Terneuzen, Netherlands

Fri. 11/29- South of Heaven Hardrock Concert in Bilzen, Belgium

Fri. 12/6- MEZZ in Breda, Netherlands

Sat. 12/7- JK’t Hoekske in Gierle, Belgium

Sat. 1/18- muziekclub N9 in Eeklo, Belgium

Sat. 2/29- Jeugdcentrum Vizit in Antwerp, Belgium

For tickets and further information, click here.

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