It was a mostly packed house at Spicoli’s Reverb Live Music and Bar Arcade as Jinjer with special guests The Browning and Sumo Cyco took the stage on this beautiful fall evening.  We were scrambling to get into the venue, and the location was just right for a great metal show.

We got in just in time to see Sumo Cyco do their thing, they had a nice cover of “B.Y.O.B.” by System of a Down, and they were overall pretty decent live, they won us over with how they interacted with their fans.  My daughter got to meet them and they complimented my daughter on her ballerina dress, they treated her so well, and for that we will always remember Sumo Cyco.

The Browning, out of Kansas City, were the next band to take the stage.  The Browning got the crowd moving, pulling off several circle pits in the packed club.  The frontman had so much energy that people were feeding off of the love and energy that the band gave them.  Their sound would absolutely make an impact in a larger club setting, but with how the club was built, the techno/house music didn’t really translate that well in Spicoli’s.  This is in no fault to the band, it’s just the sound didn’t really blend in, in fact it kind of sounded like a hollow echo.  People got down with their energy, case in point, the song “Carnage”, sounded like if death metal and disco had a baby.  The song “Pure Evil” had by far the best crowd participation.  Their energy was so infectious you couldn’t help but get into it.

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I was expecting a more ominous intro from the already legendary band out of Ukraine.  It sounded like Jinjer came out to some type of Benny Hill theme song, then it suddenly kicked into “Teacher, Teacher”.  The sound was absolutely sick!  What vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk can pull off with singing like a beautiful angel one second and sounding absolutely demonic the next second left the Waterloo audience absolutely spellbound.  Fans could not keep their eyes off of her as she commanded the stage like she owned the venue.  Roman Ibramkhalilov brought even more power to the night with his ridiculous guitar tones, how he can sound brutal and in the next measure, he brings about those ridiculous harmonics.  Eugene Abdukhanov and Vladislav Ulasevish brought it down with their rhythm section.  The crowd went nuts when Tatiana sang “I smile to you” towards the end of the song.

“Sit Stay Roll Over” brought about some sick breakdowns.  The audience could simply not get over how tight Jinjer was in their musicianship.  Roman really shined in his guitar solo.  Just moments like that made you yell “holy shit”.  The crowd embraced their new songs off of “Macro”, especially when they played “Pit of Consciousness”.  They treated the crowd to an encore with “Pisces”.

Jinjer put on the best show that Spicoli’s had ever put on.  They need to write a book on how to have tempo changes go seamlessly in their music and they just put on a total fucking clinic live.

Jinjer has a bunch of European gigs coming up.  Check out their gig dates below:

Fri. 11/8- Bingo in Kiev, Ukraine

Sat. 11/9- Klub Hybrydy in Warsaw, Poland

Sun. 11/10- Pralnia in Wroclaw, Poland

Tue. 11/12- beatpol in Dresden, Germany

Wed. 11/13- MeetFactory in Praha, Czech Republic

Thu. 11/14- Lido Berlin in Berlin, Germany

Fri. 11/15- Pumpehuset in Kobenhavn, Denmark

Sat. 11/16- Muzikcentrum in Hannover, Germany

Sun. 11/17- Knust in Hamburg, Germany

Tue. 11/19- Kulturfabrik Asbl Cultural Centre in Esch-sur-alzette, Luxembourg

Wed. 11/20- Das Bett in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Thu. 11/21- Hellraiser in Klein Leipzig, Germany

Fri. 11/22- Alte Brauerei e.V in Annaberg-buchholz, Germany

Sat. 11/23- Gebaude 9 in Koln, Germany

Sun. 11/24- Zeche Bochum in Bochum, Germany

Tue. 11/26- Poppodium Q-Factory in Nieuw-amsterdam, Netherlands

Wed. 11/27- Dynamo in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Thu. 11/28- Zappa in Antwerpen, Belgium

Fri. 11/29- Heaven in Little London, United Kingdom

Sat. 11/30- The Asylum Bar and Venue in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sun. 12/1- Kings Hall at the Newcastle University in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Tue. 12/3- Manchester Academy in Manchester, United Kingdom

Wed. 12/4- Thekla in East Mud Dock, United Kingdom

Fri. 12/6- La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France

Sat. 12/7- Chateau Rouge in Annemasse, France

Sun. 12/8- Le Rex de Toulouse in Toulouse, France

Tue. 12/10- Garaje in Murcia, Spain

Wed. 12/11- Mon Madrid in Madrid, Spain

Thu. 12/12- Sala Boveda in Barcelona, Spain

Fri. 12/13- Omega Live in Toulon, France

Fri. 12/13- Zenith Omega in Toulon, France

Sat. 12/14- Legend Club in Milan, Italy

Sun. 12/15- Dynamo Saal in Zurich, Switzerland

Mon. 12/16- Backstage Werk in Munchen, Germany

Wed. 12/18- Dom im Berg in Graz, Austria

Thu. 12/19- Simm City in Vienna, Austria

Fri. 12/20- Tvornica Kulture in Zagreb, Croatia

Sat. 12/21- Majestic Music Club in Bratislava, Slovakia

Sun. 12/22- Barba Negra in Budapest, Hungary

Thu. 3/5- Max Watt’s in Melbourne, Australia

Fri. 3/6- Manning Bar in University of Sydney, Australia

Sat. 3/7- The Zoo in Fortitude Valley Queensland, Australia

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find JINJER at the following locations:

  • Photo Credit:  Amber Lyons Photography

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