Editor’s Note:  This project entitled Patriarchy features multi-dimensional L.A. recording artist Actually Huizenga and Andrew Means(3TEETH).  They have released their latest album entitled “Asking For It” this past Friday, which is led by their single “Sweet Piece of Meat”.  V Magazine has said this about Patriarchy, “a scary fever dream, in the best way possible”.  This band explores dark synthwave elements incorporated with some darker industrial music.  In this interview with Madness To Creation, Patriarchy discusses the “Sweet Piece of Meat” single, “Asking For It” album, and mental health awareness  Fans can find Patriarchy at the following locations:




Madness To Creation:  Take us into the track “Sweet Piece of Meat”, tell us what the song is talking about!

Actually Huizenga: “Sweet Piece of Meat” is my attempt at a siren song-  to attract one of those heroic amorous guys like Odysseus (even sexier when strapped to the mast). But as she sings for her lustful supper, the predatory seductress instinctively knows that she is also a victim, who has been abused and held down through the slave mentality passed down from an ancient collective unconscious. The abusive lovers realize that they can never truly know each other. The Sex was only Skin and the Love was only Lust… and now she is confused and even hungrier than before. The abused becomes the abuser as soon as his raw meat is revealed.

Madness To Creation:  Favorite moments that you had while creating “Asking For It”?

Actually Huizenga:  They are too private and incriminating for me to reveal.

Madness To Creation:  Favorite and least favorite things about making music videos?

Actually Huizenga:  My Favorite thing about making music videos is the actual shooting and directing. Second favorite part (I love all the parts truly!) is writing out the treatment and doing research. My least favorite thing about making videos, is trying to get money to finance them… and being broke after (and owing everyone money). But I always pay up in the end!

Madness To Creation:  Five favorite 80’s slasher films!

Actually Huizenga: Am I allowed to say “Caligula”?  I know it’s not technically a slasher film and it’s from 1979, but it is one of the biggest influences on my life and art, and also it has a lot of slashing off of heads and dicks and the like.  

1.  Caligula (Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione)

2.  Terror At The Opera (Dario Argento)

3.  Silent Night, Deadly Night (Charles Sellier)

4.  Tenebre (Dario Argento)

5.  Pumpkin Head vs. Castle Freak

And I’d like to add The Hunger (there is some slashing, it’s just classier!)  (Tony Scott) AND Hellraiser 3 (oh shit, that is 1992, but it is my favorite Hellraiser because of that club scene (Anthony Hickox)

Oh man, there are so many I’d like to go into… There is one about this giant 8 foot ice monster who traps a naked couple in a sauna and freezes them to death but I forgot the name- If anyone knows of it- leave in comments, lol– That is a super under appreciated slasher dollar bin movie… If I had more time….
Madness To Creation:  What’s been the biggest difference between making music for 3Teeth and for Patriarchy?
Andrew Means:  The biggest difference between making music for 3TEETH and Patriarchy is how many writers there are involved. With 3T the whole band writes together as well as individually , with Patriarchy it is always Ashley and myself. Other than that , creating music is creating music.”
Madness To Creation:  What is your favorite thing about making the art that you make?
Actually Huizenga:  The art that I make is a necessity to my very survival. SO the “favorite” “thing” for me about making the “art that I make,” is that I am able to make it at all.
Madness To Creation:  What can fans expect from Patriarchy moving forward?
Actually Huizenga:  Patriarchy will move forward into the future, struggle to survive, and die just like everything else. (But we will have fun while we are doing it)!
Madness To Creation:  Madness To Creation is geared towards mental health awareness, what are some advice you have for our readers that might be struggling?
Actually Huizenga:  I am glad you guys focus on mental awareness. Mental instability and the genius which usually comes from an “unstable mind,”  is a major part of Patriarchy. Just like any other human “problem,” you must address it, lock eyes with it, and either embrace or destroy it. I recommend embracing it, but keeping it semi-tame like an outdoor cat who comes by for food and a place to sleep and purr (maybe give it some shots & neuter it if necessary). There is such beauty in the darkness of the mind- like the ocean, so much is uncharted. And like the ocean, if you go too deep trying to discover the mystery of unseen creatures, you might lose all control and in the desperation of resurfacing too quickly, nitrogen will form bubbles in your blood, causing devastation to your body. The mind can be like that- if you go too deep. So, even though Andrew and I can both be described as “crazy”, we respect the fact that we are alive in this fragile moment, and try our hardest to take care of ourselves in this highly excitable environment. 
Madness To Creation:   Anything else you would like to add in regards  to “Asking For It”?

Actually Huizenga: 

“Patriarchy” is a word I would like to destroy for My Self and yet make my own. We live in a Patriarchy, and it won’t be changing for a while- so why not grab it by the balls and fuck it? So that’s what I’m doing- fucking and enjoying the situation I’m in… even if it disrespects and discriminates against me.
The title “Asking For It,” is a reflective jab (or prick if you will) at life’s very existence. The molecules of your body somehow came together to form your complaining ass, so I guess you were asking for it! And “asking,” is a word, and what is a “word,” really? So if you say “No,” sometimes another random mass of molecules might mistake that as a “Yes,” so you better fight the fuck back and teach these fuckers how to treat you like a god. Because that’s what humans like- they adore a god, and they will crawl on the backs of corpses still holding their weeping children, in order to worship at altars which drip and stink with the rotting semen and ectoplasm of your special struggle.
The songs on this album are about me, Actually Huizenga, a female human, dealing with labels and expectations thrown upon my body, while also enjoying the bacchanalia and joyous prosperity that I have as an American in a First World situation. These songs playfully reveal experiences (with varying viewpoints of predator and prey) that I’ve had on the spectrum between Reverence and Rape. 
And there you have it!  Check out their unrated music video for “He Took It Out” via VIMEO here.  * Disclaimer:  The video has full-frontal nudity, viewer discretion is advised.

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