Check out the new episode of paranormal investigation series, GHOSTATIC. It features Horror fan and frontman Joey Arena of acclaimed NuMetal/Rock band Ovtlier with host/creator Adamo Fiscella. Ovtlier just released their new video,    “Spineless,”  featuring UPON A BURNING BODY’s DANNY LEAL. “Spineless”  discusses the horrors in today’s sickness and society; it was inspired by vocalist/primary songwriter, Joey Arena’s experience with watching his grandmother pass on and his “personal views on medical and governmental studies: that we are nothing but lab rats and test subjects.”

Fiscella states, “Joey and I have known each other for quite some time.  Our previous bands used to tour together. We’ve worked in the studio together as well. Although our musical paths changed, we have a ton in common.  We are both NY natives(I currently live in Cleveland), both hard-working, both involved in the industry.  So I thought it would be cool to bring him along on an investigation with my latest project, Ghostatic.

Ghostatic is an exploration of the sights, sounds, and experiences of the paranormal.  Both in paranormal exploration and investigation of notoriously haunted places, as well as a musical project, which has a vocally driven, modern-industrial sound.
As for the paranormal investigation side, The video series stems all the way back to the first time I filmed my exploration of an abandoned insane asylum with some friends nearly 15 years ago.  Since then I was hooked.  I’ve had a lot of really fucked up experiences that I cannot explain while exploring dozens of very haunted places over the years. 
I’m currently developing a show for one of the big networks on TV that revolves around paranormal exploration.  I cannot divulge which network or the title of the show yet, but I’m super stoked about it.”
More about OVTLIER:
Recently signed with The Label Group,  an INgrooves distributed label the video follows up their latest release,  What Doesn’t Kill You, which garnered attention from Revolver, Loudwire, Alt Press, ABC News, Metal Nexus, and more. Ovtlier have already captured the hearts of more than 60K daily followers online, more than 2.5 million views of fan-curated content on YouTube, over half a million streams Spotify,and have been selling out shows around the Northeast.  Their latest release, What Doesn’t Kill You takes the listener on a roller-coaster jaunt. Drawing influences from Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds To Mars, Korn, Periphery and others, Ovtlier brings the rock and metal edge to a new height of intensity.
Check out the Ghostatic YouTube channel here in order to subscribe.  See Ghostatic dealing with the paranormal such as headless ghosts caught on tape, poltergeists, along with Adamo Fiscella exploring asylums, orphanages, along with the infamous Moss House and Amityville. 

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