This has been a little while in the making so my apologies for the delay….but recently September Mourning and Smile Empty Soul brought their co-headlining set to Pop’s in Sauget, Illinois.

After three bands had deplorable sets cumulatively containing every cringe-worthy “rock god” stage gesture, on came September Mourning oddly pegged in prior to Smile Empty Soul.  While the band appeared somewhat tired (justifiably so considering it was the final tour date) they still took the stage with all they had.

The concept of the show is amazing – the idea of weaving in a narrative with their songs along with visuals and sound samples.  Here’s the thing.  Everything about this band is “big;” the sound, the aesthetics, even the merch table.  Think of them at a show as the musical equivalent of a sinister jack-in-the-box.  The only problem with the show was NOT their fault.  That was the fact they were limited with time and capability of doing their full show since they were not the headline act.

Nevertheless, once the September Mourning sandwich (packed in between those bands) was unsealed from its vacuum-packed container, singer Emily commanded the stage like a mad panther and a zombified Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons).  For a mad woman, she’s incredibly humble and accessible to the fans, however.

The band plugged through several songs including favorites like “Unholy” and ending appropriately with “20 Below,” to put the nail in the coffin.  This is a band who can’t be fully appreciated unless they are seen as a headline act.  So we’ll definitely be there the next time they come to town as such.

Then we’ll see if the stage can contain this underrated rock goddess.

Check out September Mourning live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Sunday, December 8th!

Check out the music video for “Hiding From Heaven” below:

Fans can find September Mourning at the following locations:

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