Post-punk/coldwave NYC band A D O R N S premiered their new single “With What Sacrifice” with Madness To Creation!

According to A D O R N S, ”

“The single is our first actual release. We made a couple of demos during the latter part of 2018 but this will be the first time we have something that we consider to be a polished representation of ourselves. We are happy to release something physically on vinyl too. 
With What Sacrifice has more to do with a feeling of discontentment with a close partner. People sometimes always think happiness is beyond what is already in their possession or within their grasp and truthfully, sometimes what you have is better than you imagine. Having the light at the end of tunnel metaphor, sometimes when you get to the other side and look at what you were originally excited about, there is nothing different from what you started with.”
A D O R N S cites Sisters of Mercy, The Cure and Depeche Mode as major influences in their music.  They will be having a brief California run beginning on December 18th at Highland Park Bowl in Los Angeles, California.  They will be sharing the stage with Bite Marx, Blood Handsome and Glitch Bitch.  A D O R N S also spoke on mental health awareness with Madness To Creation:
“As for mental awareness, as an individual on the autism spectrum, acceptance and awareness of mental health issues and neurodiversity has always been a large part of my life. Music is something that allows me to express parts of myself and depths of emotion that i previously found difficult or impossible to convey, and has opened up a new world of communication and freedom. Sharing myself and my mind in this manner with my bandmates and our audience has become a major source of growth, peace and understanding for me.”
Here are the tour dates for A D O R N S:
Wed. 12/18- Highland Park Bowl in Los Angeles, California
Thu. 12/19- Aurea Vista Club in Riverside, California
Fri. 12/20- California Institute of Abnormal Arts in Los Angeles, California
Sat. 12/21- Stardust Club in Downey, California
Sun. 12/22- The BLVD in Los Angeles, California
Thu. 1/16- The Gutter in Brooklyn, New York
Fri. 2/28- Talon Bar in Brooklyn, New York
Thu. 3/5- The News Cafe in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Sat. 3/6- Remedy Music in Worcester, Massachusetts
Fans can find A D O R N S at the following locations:

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