On January 31st, Danish recording artist Emma Acs will be releasing her EP entitled “While I Shoot From My Fortress of Delusions” via Third Coming Records.  Today, Emma Acs is premiering her music video for “Blessed Are The Faithful” via Madness To Creation.

Fans of Emma Acs will notice a change of direction in her music.  While her musical roots will always lie in rock music, Emma has been drawn to trip-hop/hip-hop along with the chaotic expression that techno music can have.  Here is what Emma had to say in regards to her forthcoming EP via Third Coming Records(which was produced by Mathias Sarsgaard):

“Mathias picked me up, wrote my name all over his calendar so we could be in the studio.  I owe him a lot.  I used the studio as a punching bag for better or worse, he was down to be in the studio from late nights and early mornings and I need that cause I didn’t sleep.  I was really angry.  Anger has always been my go-to energy source when being sad”

The first track of the EP is a psalm of sorts, “Blessed Are The Faithful” has that mournful sound while feeling skeptical and questioning God’s plan for her life.  It’s that moment where she feels anger yet sorrow that she has felt forsaken.  Check it out below!  For further information on Emma Acs check her out at the following locations:



  • Photo Credit:  Johan Getling

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