I want to share this playlist with you.  Honestly, I thought we hit the pinnacle when we shot Warped Tour.  If you would’ve told us we would’ve covered Blink 182, Tool, Godsmack(twice) and New Kids On The Block in the same year, I would’ve been dreaming.  As the editor of Madness To Creation, I want to personally thank the following photographers/reviewers who made this incredible year possible:

Will Wight, Crios Valentino, Kim Casper, Bryan Bardes, Amber Lyons, Kelz Bailey, Michelle Barron, Emily McDermott, Shawn Doyle, Mike Victorick, Ian Storck, Christopher James Ryan, Eva Dang, Holly Royle, Mark Dean, Derrick Climer, Richard Lepre, Evan Zwisler, Glenn Fernetti, Chris McCormick, Megan Jane Earp, Shannon Myers, John Nelson, and William Zimmermann, and Katie Hovland

Madness To Creation is blessed to have these people on and I wanted to share our playlist with you!

2020 is going to shape up to be a big year, stay tuned for a “State of Madness To Creation” heading into 2020.




Coming soon are reviews and photography from In Flames with special guests Red and Arrival of Autumn live from OKC Theatre in Oklahoma City as well as RATT live from Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey, and tonight we are covering Clutch at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey.

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