What a decade it was from a music standpoint.  Seeing bands come and go, trends come and go, but we’ve see so many things happen good and bad, that we need to reflect on this decade.  Some videos have been where you’re sure it’s the next big thing, and some have ended up tragic.  There is no particular order to this, Madness To Creation just wanted to reflect on some important live performances this decade:

  1.  “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele Live Grammy Performance

This performance showcased soul coming back to the forefront in forms of a British woman that was angry over a breakup.  She looked elegant on the Grammy stage, and it felt like going back in time.  It caused us to pay attention to what the British pop scene was doing all over again.

2.  Linkin Park “One More Light” taken from Birmingham, United Kingdom June 7th, 2017

This video is heartbreaking and it reduces me to puddles of tears.  It literally looks like Chester Bennington is saying goodbye to his fans and the world.  He is so close to his fans pouring his heart out to “One More Light”.  Ever since he took his own life, their songs are so hard to get through, especially the last album.  It felt like a cry for help.  Their music helped so many people yet we couldn’t help him in return.  We miss you and love you Chester.

3.  Barenaked Ladies 2018 Juno Performance

Steven Page was Barenaked Ladies.  Again, Steven Page was Barenaked Ladies.  Glad the rest of the band realized during their induction for their Juno Lifetime Achievement Award.  I especially appreciate the dig that Steven had towards the rest of the band when he sang “When I Had A Million Dollars” during their smash hit.  The rest of the band didn’t know how to react.

4.  Foo Fighters live in Gothenburg, Sweden 2015

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters broke his leg at a gig in Gothenborg, Sweden and he continued with an “Under Pressure” by Queen/David Bowie cover.  Need I frigging say more?

5.  Kodie Lee- America’s Got Talent


A blind singer with autism saved America’s Got Talent.  It’s like he transformed into a completely different person when he got behind that piano and sang.  Most importantly, it brought about so much awareness to helping those with autism.  So much so that President Trump even signed into legislation for 2.5 billion dollars to bring about autism awareness and to help families.

6.  Soundgarden live in Detroit 2017

It’s fitting in a very sad sort of way that Soundgarden closed out this concert with “In My Time of Dying”, especially when the lyrics are “In My Time of Dying/I want nobody to mourn/All I want for you to do/Is take my body home”.  Little did the Detroit audience know that Chris Cornell would take his own life mere hours after this performance.  It was like he was saying goodbye to his fans and to his band.  No one in rock history(besides Freddie Mercury) had a voice like Chris Cornell.

Those are a few moments that stuck out in Madness To Creation’s mind.  What about for you?  Let us know in the comments below!

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