Editor’s Note:  Welcome to this special blizzard “Snowed In” edition of Weekend Brunch Edition Weekly News and Spotify Playlist via Madness To Creation! This playlist theme is “Snowed In”. The air is crisp, and visibility is virtually zero around these parts.  As we have been crazy busy with our work weeks, we are celebrating the weekend!  We crack open some eggs, fry up some steak, and enjoy some brunch.  But wait, we missed out some music news and you might be wanting some new music to check out!  Well, Madness To Creation is your hookup, holler if you hear us!  #SorryScottSteiner  So, after you put away the Halloween decorations, sit back and relax and enjoy this weekly Spotify playlist. It is broken down into the following categories:

  1.  Meat & Taters:  This is where the heavy hitters come in to play.  The main course if you will.  Chances are you’ve heard of this group.
  2.  Light & Fluffy:  This is where a band/artist might come off on the lighter side of music.  Where you might have a potato pancake with the glass of OJ.
  3.  Tailgate:  Because you can’t wait til lunch or supper so these bands/artists get you in the mood to tailgate and party over brunch.
  4.  On The Side:  These bands/artists are brand new(well to us anyways) and you might put a little on the saucer to give it a try before diving into the meat & taters!

Meat & Taters:

  1.  The soundtrack to Ford vs. Ferrari is out now!  Check out the soundtrack that features The Kingsmen, The Sonics, Nina Simone, Buck Owens and so much more.  The movie stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale.
  2.  Glam rock outfit Starbenders will be releasing “Love Potions” via Sumerian Records on Valentine’s Day.  They are currently on tour with Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria.  They will be playing Stage West at Scranton, Pennsylvania tonight!
  3. K-Pop giants Monsta X have announced ticket sales for their upcoming summer tour.  Tour kicks off June 2nd at The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota and wraps up July 11th at The Forum in Los Angeles, California.
  4. Mark Morton of LAMB OF GOD has released his EP entitled “Ether”.  The album features covers of “She Talks To Angels” by The Black Crowes and “Black” by Pearl Jam.
  5. Hot Mulligan announced details for their upcoming record “in your sleep”.  They will be sharing the stage with Grayscale beginning January 24th at The Queen in Wilmington, Delaware and the tour wraps up February 27th at Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  6. Political punk icons Anti-Flag have released their album “20/20 Vision”.  They start their European run tonight in Vienna, Austria.
  7. Christian Rock icons Red have announced the release for “Declaration”, which is on April 10th.  They also released the single for “Sever”.
  8.  Metal icons Bad Omens have released the deluxe version of their album “Finding God Before God Finds Me”.  They will kick off their tour with Oh, Sleeper, Thousand Below and Bloodline on February 13th in San Jose before wrapping up March 28th in Anaheim.
  9. The New Regime which is the brainchild of Ilan Rubin(Nine Inch Nails and Angels & Airwaves) released the single “Struggle In My Bones”.  “Heart Mind Body & Soul” will be out this spring.
  10. The Fader premieres the music video for “Half Your Age” by Joywave.  Fans can check out the video off of the upcoming release “Possession” here, the album is due out March 13th.
  11. Finland’s Amberian Dawn released the music video for “Looking For You”.  The album of the same name is due out January 31st via Napalm Records and fans can check out the music video here.
  12. Hip-hop star wifisfuneral and Buckcherry have teamed up for the remix of the Buckcherry classic “Crazy Bitch”.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  13. Nathan Gray of Boysetsfire released the music video for “Refrain”.  Check out the music video here and “Working Title” is out January 31st.
  14. KAYZO has collaborated with Atreyu to release “Battle Drums”.  This is a one-off single to KAYZO’s album “Unleashed”.
  15. The Immediate Family is picking up where The Wrecking Crew left off and that is a new documentary featuring the studio session work of Danny Kortchmar, Leland Sklar, Russ Kunkel, Waddy Wachtel, and a handful of others. It is being directed by Danny Tedesco.
  16. Life of Agony, Doyle and All Hail The Yeti will embark on the “Beast Coast Monsters Tour”.  The tour kicks off on March 13th at The Foundry in Philadelphia and wraps up on April 5th at Warsaw in Brooklyn.  All Hail The Yeti released a music video for “Felo De Se”.  Fans can check it out here.

Light & Fluffy:

  1.  Italian singer/songwriter Gab De La Vega released his music video for “YYZ”.  Check out the music video here and “Beyond Space And Time” is being released on January 24th.
  2.  Canadian indie-pop artist Riotron has released the single for “There For You”.  Expect to see his EP “Dark Highway” out later this year.
  3.  California singer/songwriter Sun Kin released his LP entitled “Private Time”.  He has a gig tonight at The Factory in Los Angeles.
  4. Alt Bloom have premiered the music video for “West Coast” via Billboard.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  5. New Hope Club & R3HAB have released the music video for “Let Me Down Slow”.  They will be performing on Live with Kelly and Ryan on January 20th! Check out the music video here.
  6. Harris Breyfogle released the single for “Still Feel Like I’m Losin’ You” via Sax and Violins.  “Complexus” is due out February 28th.
  7. Sweden’s own The Glass Child has premiered her single for “Alone With You” via Earmilk.
  8. Nashville indie-pop songwriter Lindsay Latimer released the single for “Bloodstream” for upcoming EP release “Little Tiny Ocean”.  The EP is due out February 7th.
  9. Nu Deco Ensemble released their 18 minute medley video for “Queen Vol. 1”.  The video features them doing a medley of Queen songs including “Another One Bites The Dust”, “We Are The Champions” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  Fans can check out the video here.
  10. Country music group Highway Women have released their single for “God Made Me Right”.
  11. Country music upstart Curt Chambers have released his single “Bugatti”.  The single is a nod to Janis Joplin and fans can check out the single here.
  12. Hollywood Life premieres the music video of “Blue Memories” by songstress Shenna.  Fans can check out the music video here.


  1.  The Venomous Pinks release their cover of “I Want You” by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.  The music video features Soma Snakeoil and Lady Scorpius, whom you might know from the dominatrix world(if you’re into that sort of thing.  Check out the music video via Die Laughing Records here.
  2.  Philadelphia’s SORAIA released their single for “Dangerous”.  On Tuesday, February 4th, they will be performing at Anchor Rock Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  3.  Boston’s Great American Ghost premiered their music video for “Altar of Snakes” via Revolver Magazine.  They will be supporting Bodysnatcher starting January 30th in Orlando, Florida before wrapping up March 1st in Nashville.  Check out the music video here.
  4. Human Impact have released the video for “E605”.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  5. The Noise premiered the single for “Deliver” by New Jersey rockers The Warhawks .  Fans can check out the premiere here.
  6. The Unlikely Candidates have announced a headlining tour.  It kicked off last night in Louisville and it concludes May 9th at Granada in Dallas.
  7. German metal giants Powerwolf are releasing their anthemic “greatest hits” album “Best of the Blessed” on June 5th via Napalm Records.  It features their classics and some reimaginations of songs such as “We Drink Your Blood”, “Werewolves of Armenia”, “Saturday Satan”, “Resurrection by Erection”, “Sanctified with Dynamite”, and “In Blood We Trust”.
  8. Serenity have released the music video for “My Kingdom Comes”.  “The Last Knight” is due out January 31st via Napalm Records and fans can check out the video here.
  9. Trophy Eyes released the single for “Figure Eight”.  They will be touring Australia with Blessed, Congrats from February 13th through February 15th.

On The Side:

  1.  New Zealand hard rock band Devilskin released their music video for “Corrode”.  Their upcoming album “Red” is out April 3rd!  Check out the music video here.
  2.  New Jersey post-hardcore band Your Persona released their music video for “Neurotic”.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  3. London’s own Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons have released their music video for “Just To Make You Happy”.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  4. Greek sludge/stoner metal outfit Puta Volcano have released the single for “Primitive Data”.  “Amma” is out March 13th via The Orchard and fans can check out the video here.
  5. Orange County metalcore band Bleed The Sky released the music video for “Serpent” along with the album “This Way Lies Madness”.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  6.  Contemporary folk/rocker Siobhan O’Brien released her single entitled “The King’s Fool” for upcoming release “You Can’t Run Out Of Love”.
  7. Portugal’s Yellow Dog Conspiracy released their lyric video for “Reaching For The Stars”.  Fans can check out the lyric video here.
  8. Progressive death metal band Isle of the Cross have signed with Rockshots Records.  Check out their music video for “Tartarus” here.
  9. Finland acoustic black/metal outfit Nobody have released his EP for “Gospel of the Goat”.  This includes the single “In The Arms of North”, which can be heard here.
  10.  KEXP premiered the album of “Goodbye, Blue Sky” by Mr. Elevator.  Check out the music video for “Waiting” here.
  11. U.K.’s Lizzy Farrall have announced the upcoming release for “Bruise” via Pure Noise Records.  The album is due out March 27th and fans can check out the music video for “Addict” here.
  12. Danish outfit Redwood Hill have announced the release of “Ender”.  They have scheduled shows on March 20th and March 21st in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark.
  13. Finland’s Gentle Savage have released their single for “Honey Bunny”.  Fans can check out “Honey Bunny” here.
  14. Finland’s Miseria Ultima have released their album entitled “Graygarden”.  Fans can check out the full album stream here.

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