Drea Jeann is a Bay Area native singer that’s been in love with singing since the age of 3. From involvement with musical theater, to choir, to opera singing, to touring with a jazz vocal ensemble, Drea has always made it apparent her love for singing is engrained into her very being. Vulnerability, honesty, and transparency about who Drea is and what she’s experienced in life are her highest held values when it comes to her songwriting. Her one wish is to share her passion with the world, bringing messages and spreading love through the way she knows best, through her music.

Drea has released two singles/videos that can be seen below. Please get in touch if you would like to interview her.

Drea Jeann -“Come Back To Me” (Official Music Video):

Madness To Creation’s Music Musing on “Come Back To Me”:  In “Come Back To Me”, Drea Jeann sings about a love that is lost and how she will always be there for that love that is lost.  But the song is a bit darker than that, based on the lyrical content it’s talking about still being in love with that person despite everything that person put them through, whether it be emotional scarring, physical abuse or being manipulated.  The video is dark and somewhat looming yet it cuts to Drea Jeann singing out of emotion and desperation.  Her voice is the kind of voice where you stop what you’re doing and you pay attention to what she has to say.  She has an innate ability to convey the message that she’s singing about, and the lush-pop vibes have somewhat of a mysterious dreamscape, which is able to tie in the message behind the song really well.

Drea Jeann- “Faithfully” (Official Music Video):

Madness To Creation’s Music Musings on “Faithfully”:  At Madness To Creation, we are suckers for lush piano arrangements, a palatial pop beat and impeccable singing.  Look no further than “Faithfully” by Drea Jeann.  The vocals are strong and hopeful, the beat causes bodies to sway and the lush piano arrangements get the listener lost in the music.  After the two videos, we have a gamechanger in Drea Jeann.  She is stunning and captivating in her arrangements and in her voice, and she is primed and ready to change the complexion of the pop world as we know it.

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Fans can find Drea Jeann at the following locations:

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